Age: 36yr 1mth Games: 294 Born: Jul 04, 2021
Height: 189cm Weight: 94kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Thumb operation prior to Christmas a minor interruption. Had a hit-out against Swans and due to play this weekend.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1 Adel His body might be slowing down but not his brain. 5
2 GCS Kicked three goals to take his career tally to 499. Enjoyed the clean ball that came into attack in second half. 7
3 NM Shocking first half playing for frees and muffing half-chances. Did manage a joe-the-goose to notch career goal 500. 2
4   Knee.  
5 Syd Usual mix of the unexpected and unpredictable from the veteran including remarkable soccer goal. 6
6 WB Didn’t hit the scoreboard and gathered just the six effective disposals. Is father-time catching up with the veteran? 2
7 StK Everywhere in first term (11disp) then went right out of the game to end with 20. Didn’t hit scoreboard for second straight week. 6
8 Coll Made interceptions hard for Howe. Bustled around looking beseechingly at the umpires, and nailed the match-winner. 7
9 Rich A bit fumbly and looked old at times, but cool head in final seconds was important. 4
10   Knee.  
11   Knee.  
12 Carl Veteran forward struggled. Didn’t hit the scoreboard and managed just two inside-50s. Under pressure? 4
13   Bye.  
14 Bris Lively as usual. Ball use early was questionable but finished second half in style. Downside was two goals from six scoring shots. 6
15 Geel Kicked one goal from great set shot but was pretty well held by Kolodjashnij for the most part. 5
16   Knee.  
17 Syd Two early last quarter goals looked it would give the Giants some hope, but not to be. Quiet early, but certainly not their worst. 5
18 Rich Veteran forward struggled to find space and looked a yard off the pace. Only kicked 13 goals from 13 games this year. 3
19   Knee.  
20 Melb When he’s kicking them from 60m you know there is some breeze! Enjoyed room to move. 6
21 WB Struggled. Have to start wondering if he is part of the side’s best 22; 13 disposals for the night. 3
22   Knee.  
23 Geel Return to former stomping ground wasn’t a happy one; four effective touches and no shots at goal. In for finals? 1
QF   Senior emergency.  
SF WCE Earned a reprieve but was quiet early, but five second half goals put the dagger in the Eagles carcass. 8
PF Rich Last game of career wasn’t his best. Six goals last week and none this week. 3

2016 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1 Melb Two goals and set up another but couple of usual frustrating mistakes. 6
2 Geel Contributed two goals and worked into game after slow start. Unusually quiet on final siren. 6
3 Syd Made a few costly errors, but got better as the game went on. 4
4 Port Ball use was poor at times, but always made a contest and was dangerous around goal. 5
5 StK Found space across half forward and was lethal with four goals. Going as well as ever. 7
6 Haw Five first-half majors and had all his tricks on show. Quieter second half but relished every touch. 8
7 Frem Always dangerous. Could have kicked five goals if he’d been accurate. 7
8 GCS Did some good things in the forward half, but decision-making could’ve been better. 4
9 WB Forward pressure good with five tackles and rewarded with two goals in third quarter. 5
10 Adel Cheney did the job on him, no goals. 3
11 Geel Snap goal early brilliant but in the end well held by Kolodjashnij. Impact limited. 3
12 Syd Brilliant four-quarter performance. Always looked dangerous in attacking half. 7
13   Foot.  
14 Carl Dangerous all night in attacking 50. Finished with 4.2 and took six marks. 8
16 Coll Whacked in the eye early and couldn’t get into the game. 3
17 Bris Good nuisance value. Botched one shot at goal though when he tried to be too clever. 5
18 Port No goals but two score assists and nine tackles. 6
19 Rich Played with usual flair in attacking 50 and rewarded with three majors. 7
20 GCS Two early goals to keep his team in touch and was creative with the footy. 6
21 WCE Good when the Giants were up and going but drifted in and out for long periods. 5
22 Frem Mercurial at times. Made the easy look impossible. Chipped in with 2 goals. 6
23 NM Used space well in front half to create. Kicked two ripper snapped goals. Ended with four. 8
QF Syd In everything early, but wasted opportunities (0.5) and faced spotlight for big hit. 5
PF   Suspended.  

2015 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Haw Had it 20 times in first half then faded as his condition gave out. Tried hard. 6
2 Frem Only 11 effective disposals, two inside-50s and no goals. 3
3 GCS Played forward all day but struggled. Fancy stuff blew up in his face. 3
4 NM Sub. Played role well in final 40 minutes. Two goals and gave added some life. 3
5 Rich Mixed good and bad. Four inside-50s and a goal but still short of best. 5
6 Coll Huge final term helped Cats keep Pies at bay. One goal, six inside-50s. 6
7 Syd Smith was on his wheel most of the night but got away enough to be a factor. 6
8 Carl Quiet for three quarters then had 11 disposals in final term. One goal. 6
9 WCE Effectiveness down at times. Four inside-50s and one clearance. 5
10 Ess Four goals from 10 kicks. Made most of opportunities. 7
11 Port Chimed in for a goal and nine effective disposals playing mostly forward. 5
12 Melb Two goals and a couple of assists. Only 10 effective disposals, two inside-50s. 5
15 NM Two goals and six inside-50s in an even effort without setting world on fire. 6
16 WB Decision-making a tad askew in first half then got better. Four goal assists. 6
17 GWS Efficiency down but five inside-50s and nine contested possessions. 5
18 Bris Played the percentages and rewarded with three goals. Ball use first class. 7
19   Suspended.  
20 Haw Enjoyed huge second term (12 disposals) in 250th and ended with two goals. 6
21 StK Frustrated and excited all night. Missed a sitter then kicked a ripper. Four goals. 7
22 Coll Came up the ground to get a kick. One goal but only two inside-50s. 6
23 Adel Thrilled fans in his final game as a Cat. Ended with 2.6 and a great legacy. 7

2014 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Adel Racked up eight inside-50s, 10 contested poss and one goal. 7
2 Bris Had eight inside-50s, six clearances, 10 tackles and was all over the place. 8
3 Coll Frustrated out of game by Macaffer. Kept battling for a goal and five inside-50s. 6
4 WCE Always around the footy for a myriad of touches. Wasted a few but great. 8
5 Haw Huge. Three goals, six inside-50s, 11 contested possessions and 10 marks. 9
6 Port Five inside-50s, 13 contested possessions and six clearances to be involved. 6
7 Rich Got side going with 13 disposals in first term then Jackson did OK him. 7
9 Frem Kept under wraps in fiery clash with Crowley. Only nine effective disposals. 4
10   Suspended.  
11 Syd Efficiency down, just two clearances and three inside-50s. Kept working. 4
12 Carl Quiet night with Carrazzo as tag. Efficiency well down through the midfield. 4
13   Back.  
14 GCS Effectiveness well down. Just two clearances, three inside-50s and one goal. 5
15 Ess Quiet start then got involved. Team high eight inside-50s, six clearances. 7
16 WB Workrate huge. Laid 14 tackles, 12 contested possessions and four inside-50s. 7
17 Melb Two goals, eight inside-50s and seven tackles. Used ball well all day. 8
18 GWS Ball use and run was a highlight. Three goals, 12 marks and three inside-50s. 8
19 NM Did his bit without setting game alight. Only two inside-50s, three clearances. 5
20 Frem Crowley nullified his influence. Just one inside-50s, two clearances and no goals. 4
21   Foot.  
22   Foot.  
23   Foot.  
QF Haw Started with a bang but after quarter time made errors and struggled. 4
SF   Foot.  

2013 Season

Played for : Geelong

1   Knee.  
2   Suspended.  
3 Carl First game for year. Showed great courage in the air and was all over the field. 7
4 Syd Kicked a goal and racked up 12 contested possessions as a midfielder. 7
5 WB Laid 10 tackles and had 10 contested poss, six inside-50s and kicked 1.3. 8
6 Rich Celebrated game 200 in style with a polished midfield display and two goals. 8
7 Ess Party tricks didn’t come off but a pile of disposals, mostly over-the-shoulder handballs. 8
8   Calf.  
9 Port Led side in contested possession, tackles and clearances. Just a star. 9
10 GCS Tagged Ablett in first half and OK then released to play own game in second. 6
11 GWS Dangerous around the ball until knocked out early in the final term. 7
13 Bris Probably Cats’ best – two goals, 11 cont poss, seven inside-50s and four clearances. 8
14   Suspended.  
15   Suspended.  
16 Melb Racked up 24 contested poss, 15 clearances, eight tackles, five inside-50s. 9
17   Suspended.  
18 StK Won team-high 15 cont poss, had six clearances and kicked two goals. 8
19 NM Made errors with ball use back into corridor. Seven inside-50s. 6
20 Port Played percentages to advantage of team most of day – 11 cont poss, four clearances. 7
21 WCE A heap of touches but sometimes under pressure. Couldn’t buy a goal late. 7
22 Syd Kicked four goals, 12 cont poss, five tackles and five inside-50s. Huge again. 8
23 Bris Won 13 cont poss, six clearances and kicked 1.3. Typical busy effort. 7
QF Frem Big first term (12 disp, two goals) then Crowley shut him out in fiery clash. 5
SF Port Workrate good but Cassisi was able to nullify his influence to a degree. 5
PF Haw Huge with four goals, 5 clearances, 4 inside-50s and 13 cont poss. 8

2012 Season

Played for : Geelong

1 Frem Undisciplined first term then settled down. Kicked a nice goal; 16 disposals. 5
2 Haw Kicked two early goals then copped a corkie in third term. Kicked three. 7
3 NM Well held by Wright and only got into game late when pushed up field. 3
4 Rich Goalless for second week but contributed 21 disposals/five inside 50s. 5
5 Bris Last time he went goalless for three straight games was late ‘03. 5
6 Melb Found his best to produce a best afield effort. Allowed plenty of space. 9
7 Adel Disposal over state his influence. Did have seven inside 50s. 5
8 Coll Had a team-high nine inside 50s and had three goal assists. Worked hard. 7
9 WB Relished Kelly being out of the side to star – did everything bar kick a goal. 8
10 GWS Snagged a lazy five goals and had seven inside 50s in a damaging display. 8
11 Carl Gibbs kept him from hitting scoreboard and efficiency well down. 5
13 Syd Kept goalless by Smith but kept working – seven inside-50s. 6
14 Port Still searching for his best. Ran hard but not rewarded on a few occasions. 5
16 Coll Racked up numbers through the midfield – five clearances, five inside-50s. 8
17 Ess Probably best afield until left game late in third term with a groin injury. 7
18 Adel Knocked out by S. Thompson three seconds into game and subbed out. 0
19 Haw Should played after concussion more often. Huge influence on the outcome. 8
20 WCE Monster first half (19) disp and ended with 12 clearances. Tired very late. 8
21 StK Didn’t kick a goal but grabbed five clearances and seven inside-50s. Solid. 7
22 WB Roamed through the midfield and while didn’t kick a goal he set up three. 6
23 Syd Has a shadow for most of the day but found enough footy to impact. 7