Steven MAY

#17   Gold Coast

Age: 27yr 10mth Games: 107 Born: Jan 10, 2021
Height: 193cm Weight: 102kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Key backman is arguably as important to the team as Tom Lynch. Could end this year as the game’s premier key defender.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Bris Displayed his usual aggression and defensive traits, and kept Close to just one goal. 6
2 GWS Had a number of opponents in defence and wasn’t at his best. Ease of Giants entries though didn’t help his cause. 4
3 Haw Typically resolute display down back and marshalled the defence well. 6
4 Carl Solid enough down back until pinging a hammy in the final term and finishing the game with ice on the leg. 5
5   Hamstring.  
6   Hamstring.  
7 Geel Hawkins kicked two goals in first term then he got right on top in what was a key win for the team. 8
8 Port Troubled by Gray’s movement, but teammates did him few favors. Better after half time, but damage was done. 5
9   Bye.  
10 Melb Strong at times in defence and made some great last-minute spoils, but then Dees bypassed him. 6
11 WCE Relished the absence of Josh Kennedy and took plenty of intercept marks and marshalled the defence. 7
12 Haw Controlled the game from full back. Beat opponents and was able to do so while gathering 24 disposals. 9
13 Carl Defensively sound, though lacked his usual attacking rebound as Blues made him accountable. 6
14 StK Began as the spare down back and took his turn at matching against Saints talls. Nothing special about his game. 5
15 NM Indirectly on Waite, who booted four goals. Controlled the defence when Waite was at other end. 7
16 Syd Dominated from bell to bell by Lance Franklin. Never was an easy task but his early niggle was for nought. 2
17 Coll Pinged his hamstring halfway through first quarter and sat out the rest of the match. 1
18   Hamstring.  
19   Hamstring.  
20 Frem Took seven marks in defence but Freo’s talls kicked goals. 5
21 Bris Bagged a rare goal in opening term and just a rock in defence. 6
22 Ess Blanketed Daniher with a superb effort. Attacked well from defence with 25 possessions. 8
23 Port Got man handled by former teammate Charlie Dixon in the one on one contests. 4

2016 Season

1 Ess Peeled off opponent at will to intercept mark across half back. 6
2 Frem Really good defensively. Desperate and hard nosed. 6
3 Carl Moved onto Casboult and quelled his influence. 7
4 Bris The pantomime villain after poleaxing Martin. One of Suns’ best defenders. 6
5   Suspended.  
6   Suspended.  
7   Suspended.  
8   Suspended.  
9   Suspended.  
10 WCE Worked relentlessly to keep Kennedy from running wild. 6
11 Syd Intriguing battle with Franklin, held his own in one-on-one contests. 5
12 Rich Kept Riewoldt goalless until last 90 seconds of the game. Closing speed exceptional. 7
14 Haw Great battle with Gunston. Concded one goal and was stout with his effort. 6
15 StK A rock in defence and provided attacking rebound all day. 7
16 Bris Did not allow his opponents any chance to get involved. 7
17 WB Won the battle against Stringer before the Bulldog playmaker went off in the third. 7
18 Frem Dominated in defence and his rebound was outstanding. 8
19 Melb Kept Hogan goalless and defended stoutly all day. Among the best. 7
20 GWS Outstanding. Drove plenty of attacking opportunities from his 27 possessions. 9
21 Ess Stood Daniher and strong in the air in marking duels. In good form. 7
22 Coll Took Moore until the young Pie was injured. Easily the best of the Suns’ defenders. 7
23 Port Led the way in defence and also set up attacking thrusts. 7

2015 Season

1 Melb Took Hogan in a great battle. Won his share of battles but Hogan kicked two. 6
2 StK A dirty night. Torched by Riewoldt early and made many dumb errors. 2
3 Geel Walker got the better of him early but he responded pretty well. 5
4 GWS Flogged by both GWS tall forwards. Had a night to forget. 2
5 Bris Spoiled everything that came his way. 4
6   Suspended.  
7   Suspended.  
8   Suspended.  
9 Haw Excellent job on Roughead and was on top all day. 7
10 Syd Subbed out with injury in third quarter. Doing well until that point. 5
11   Groin.  
12   Groin.  
13 Carl Battled Casboult/Henderson and certainly not the worst. Eight marks. 6
14 NM Blanketed Waite and his defensive spoils were a feature. 8
15 WB Started on Stringer then went to Boyd and was one of the Suns best. 7
16 GWS Tremendous job on Cameron; marshalled defence well. 7
17 Adel Great duel with Walker restricting him to two goals. 6
18 WCE Kept Kennedy to two goals and his spoiling was first class. 8
19 Bris Outplayed Freeman and covered well for teammates in defence. 6
20 Rich Great effort to beat Riewoldt given scoreboard. Won the ball himself. 8
21 Ess Stuck to the task on Hooker and rebound was great. 6
22 Port Led the backline superbly and aggressive at every contest. 7
23 Syd Battled Franklin and great effort to keep him to one goal (in final minute). 7

2014 Season

1 Rich Immense down back, especially in the final term with 17 spoils. 7
2 Frem Worked hard in defensive role on Pavlich. 4
3 Bris Completely dominated Brown and is developing into a solid key defender. 8
4 Haw Continued good form in defence but couldn’t stop Roughead. 6
5 Melb Battled Frawley in great duel. Gave as good as he got all afternoon. 6
6 GWS Intriguing match-up with Cameron; split points decision. 5
7 NM Continues his rise as one of the best young key backs in the comp. Strong and quick. 7
9 StK On Riewoldt and fortunate that scragging often went unpenalised. 4
10 WB Kept Crameri goalless to continue his All-Australian calibre season. 7
11 Adel Bore the brunt of the return to form of Tex Walker. 4
12 Syd Franklin kicked three, but May held him to just one mark. Did all he could. 6
13 WCE Picked up resting talls. Mixed bag. 4
14 Geel Huge job in keeping Hawkins to three marks. Fine job when caught one-on-one. 7
15 Haw Had trouble with tall Hawk forwards. 3
16 Coll Surprisingly taken off Cloke early. Looked shaky but responded superbly. 6
17 WB Held Crameri in check to continue his fine season in the back half. 7
18 Bris Spoilt everything that came his way in defence, needed more help. 6
19 StK Spent day tracking Riewoldt and couple of late arrivals with knee overlooked. 4
20 Carl Had a day he would rather forget. Smashed by Waite and shifted forward. 4
21   Hamstring.  
22   Hamstring.  
23   Hamstring.  

2013 Season

1 StK Not prominent . 6
2 Syd Taught a lesson by Roberts-Thomson in a tough day at the office. 3
3 Bris Worked really hard and finished with two goals. 6
4 Port Presented all night and kicked a fantastic long goal. 5
5 GWS Only a couple of marks and was kept under tight rein by Mohr. 4
6   Hamstring.  
7 Melb Didn’t have a massive impact up forward before being subbed out. 3
8 WB Held quite well for most of the night but bobbed up and kicked a late goal. 3
9 Haw Prepared to work and lead as a forward. 4
10 NEAFL Didn’t have much impact.
11 NEAFL Kicked a couple of goals. Serviceable effort.
12 NEAFL Kicked six to be the dominant forward on the ground.
13 NEAFL Bye.
14 Adel Looked a bit sluggish after injury layoff, but did kick a couple of goals. 4
15 Bris Has had better games. One goal as a key forward was not enough. 4
16 Rich Had no impact at all as a tall forward, but windy conditions didn’t help. 2
17 Coll Used in defence and kept his opponent in check. 6
18 Carl Found the going tough on Henderson but didn't stop trying. 5
19 WCE Went to Kennedy late in second term and helped rein him in. 5
20 Melb Started in defence on Watts then spent some time at other end. 3
21 Port Had the tough job on Schulz who kicked three goals. 6
22 StK Matched on resting talls and had mixed fortunes. 5
23   Suspended.  

2012 Season

1 Adel Toweled up first by Tippett, then Walker when moved. 1
2 StK Injured ankle in second term but kept battling. Thrown forward later. 3
5 NEAFL Conditions didn’t suit.
6 NEAFL Hasn’t quite found his position yet. Effort is there though.
10 NEAFL Among the Suns better players in the wet.
11 NEAFL Was superb in defence, quelling dangerous forward.
12 NEAFL Still needs improvement but defensive work was OK.
14 WCE Pretty good under tough conditions in defence. 5
17 NEAFL Did a superb job in key defensive role. Took the game on.
18 Syd Just can’t seem to nail down a position. Form is a concern. 2
20 GWS Subbed off after minimal impact. 2
21 Haw Three goals in third term. Gave his side a target with strong hands 7
22 Carl Followed up from last weeks breakout performance with another good effort. 6
23 Adel Kicked two goals and his size and presence troubled the Crows defence. 6