#8   Hawthorn

Age: 28yr 7mth Games: 102 Born: Apr 24, 2021
Height: 179cm Weight: 80kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Rebounding defender closing in on 100 games and form strong in both hit-outs. Becoming a steady option at back half.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Ess Even battle with the former Lion, Josh Green. Used the ball well and pushed up to provide four inside-50s. 5
4   Didn’t play for Box Hill Hawks.  
5 VFL Did well in defence to control the back half. 24 possessions and nine marks.
6 VFL A calming influence at times down back – especially in second half. Had 19 possessions and used ball well.
7 VFL Steady game across half back. 13 possessions and three tackles.
8   Rested.  
9 Coll Off the bench into defence, rebounded on occasion but not influential. 4
10 Syd Part of a defence that had all hands on deck late. Handy without starring. 5
11 Port Spent periods on Robbie Gray and okay in that role then got inured in third term but returned. Battling effort at best. 4
12 GCS Not the same player some thought he was going to be a few years ago. Got beaten late by first-year player Ainsworth. 4
13   Bye.  
14 Adel Stuck to his task and kept the dangerous Betts to one goal. 7
15 Coll Coach switched him forward to play defensive role on Howe and loved fact he kicked two goals on him. Played his part. 6
16 GWS Kicked two goals from nine disposals in his new role across half forward. Better for the run up there. 5
17 Geel Played defensive forward again on Tuohy and did that pretty well. Unlike last two weeks didn’t hit the scoreboard. 5
18 Frem Played as the defensive forward. In and out of the game. 5
19 Syd Only 13 touches in a quiet performance but did hit the scoreboard with a goal. 5
20 Rich Asked to play defensive role on Rance but it didn’t work. Couldn’t stop his impact and had two kicks himself. 1
21 NM Quiet days with just seven kicks, and could face MRP scrutiny. 3
22 Carl Provided some defensive pressure in the forward half but wasn’t dangerous offensively. Just the 1 goal. 5
23 WB Used as a defensive forward on Murphy among others. No goals but 17 handy touches. 5

2016 Season

1 Geel Used the ball well from the back half but was troubled by Geelong small forwards. 6
2 WCE Had LeCras at times as well as a few others. Did his job defensively and linked well. 7
3 WB Serviceable throughout. Penetration in kicking was significant late. 5
4 StK Used ball fairly well from back half but had hands full with Saints small on occasions. 5
5 Adel Looked to jar knee early but carried on regardless and seemed OK. 5
6 GWS Caught a few times in defence and wasn’t able to restrict GWS smalls from creating chances. 3
7 Rich Lined up on Lloyd and was solid. 5
8 Frem Honest game at half back but lashed out in incident to come under scrutiny. 5
9 Syd Battled honestly on a half-back flank and rebounded well. 6
10 Bris Had difficulty getting into the game and didn’t hurt the Lions with ball in hand. 3
11 Melb Had Garlett covered and positioned himself well to chop off hacked kicks forward. 7
13 NM Did well under pressure in Hawk defence and always got the ball away. 6
14 GCS Ball use steady but was pretty quiet. Better in second half than the first. 4
16 Port Started slowly but worked his way into the match with seven rebound-50s. 7
17 Syd Played a minor role with 11 kicks from the back half. 4
18 Rich Did his bit across half back and attacked the ball with vigour. 6
19 Carl Another hampered by injury. Struggled to have an impact. 4
20 Melb Couldn’t influence the game from defence. Coughed up one goal with mistake. 3
21 NM Kept Thomas to one goal and able to limit his influence. 6
22 WCE Had issues stopping West Coast’s small forwards. 4
23 Coll Mopped up nicely from half back in a steady effort. Ball use good. 7
QF Geel Hurt hand in second term, but came back to be handy in defence. 6
SF WB Took Dickson who did him a favour by being inaccurate. Struggled. 3

2015 Season

1 Geel Played a role without starring but importantly did what he had to do. 5
2 Ess Did most of his work in back half but did track Cooney up into middle at times. 4
3 WB Busy and desperate in defence. 6
4 Port Impressive display from the small defender, never stopped running. 8
5 NM Stuck tightly to Thomas and managed to restrict his impact. Subbed out late. 6
6 GWS Beaten by Smith early. Improved his effort in the second half. 5
7 Melb Tracked Garlett who kicked three. Used ball well out of defence. 5
8   Senior emergency.  
9 GCS Late re-inclusion at half back where he picked up Matera. Good ballwinner. 7
10 StK Started on Lonie. Worked hard. 7
12 Adel Deserves spot in the back six and always plays his role diligently. 6
13 Ess Played with poise and balance at half back and easily among the best. 7
14 Coll Troubled by De Goey but contributed in defence. 5
15 Frem Kicked early goal and steady with touches. Subbed out after shoulder knock. 4
16   Shoulder.  
17   Shoulder.  
18 Rich Battled away but didn’t impact the contest to any great degree. 3
19 WCE The sub. Energetic for his one quarter on the field. 2
20 VFL Defended well and used ball cleanly. Good effort.
21 Port Late inclusion for Hale and tracked Neade. Got a bit of the ball. 6
22 Bris OK down back in small defensive role. 6
23 Carl Started on Walker but then bobbed up in attack as Clarko swung the changes. 6
QF WCE Sub. By time he got on game was about done. Did what he could in defence. 1
SF Adel Went to Cameron and shut him out of the game. Showed courage. 7
PF Frem Arguably Hawks’ best. Showed courage in the air and defended brilliantly. 8
GF WCE Strong performance in defence capped excellent month of football. 7

2014 Season

1 Bris Provided some rebound but had his hands full with Green all arvo. 5
2 Ess Battled Chapman in a great duel. The veteran got away at times. 4
3 Frem Picked up Walters early and never stopped working. 7
4 GCS Capable job down back. 5
5 Geel Huge first half as a rebounder then faded as game dragged on. 6
6 Rich Picked up Gordon initially. Stuck close in defence 7
7 StK Competitive but had moments of worry against dangerous Billings. 5
8 Syd Huge third term (9 disp) a feature of a solid outing – 10 contested poss. 6
10 Port Tough as nails defender, stopped Mitchell in his tracks running in on goal. 5
11 GWS Quiet night rebounding at half back and had hands full with Giants’ forwards. 4
12 WCE Did well when on LeCras. Kept him in check. 6
13 Carl Left-foot developing as a weapon from half back and used it well. 6
14 Coll Opposed to Blair who got the better of him on a few occasions. 5
15 GCS Sub came on late and had a few touches. 2
16 NM Elevated from sub after Hill withdrawal. One big goal and did a few things. 4
17 Adel Four rebounds from the defensive 50 and a goal. 5
18 VFL Swept across half back well, but wasn’t as incisive as usual.
19 WB Keen to stake his claim for finals spot and played a determined game. 6
20 Melb OK in patched but didn’t do enough to cement his place in line-up. 4
21 Frem Had it 17 times but not a lot of penetration on that left boot. Made some errors. 5
22   Senior emergency.  
23 Coll Didn’t put foot wrong from back half but unlikely to keep his spot in the side. 6
QF Geel Made a few vital spoils in first half. Did what was required. 5
PF Port Worked hard down back and earns first Grand Final. 5
GF Syd Sub. Came on late and was fired up with energy and run to find ball at will. 2

2013 Season

1   Rested.  
2 VFL Used the ball really well running off half back.
3 Coll Made a couple of mistakes but intensity and kicking good. Nice debut. 5
4 Frem Played his role fairly well across half back. 5
5   Thigh.  
6 Adel Emergency replacement for Bailey and played his part in the win. 5
7 Syd Did some nice things for a youngster. Club has found a player. 5
8 GWS Busy type who finished on strongly. 5
9 GCS Sub came on late and had a couple of touches. 1
10 Melb Did some tough stuff at half back and used footy well between the arcs. 6
12 Carl Beat Garlett when opposed to him and won some footy late in proceedings. 6
13 WCE Stats not huge but did a couple of nice things. Great experience in tough game. 4
14 Bris Handy in defence and has a penetrating kick. 5
15 Geel Didn’t impact with rebound or run. Apart from third quarter he was unsighted. 3
16 Port Starting to find his feet at elite level and good with three clearances. 6
17 WB Developing into a handy small defender, 13 disposals and five tackles. 6
18 Ess Sub. Game won by time he came on but joined party for 10 quick disposals. 2
19 Rich Wasn’t able to rebound with any purpose and was chasing tail all day. 4
20 StK Continued solid form. 5
21 Coll Did his job on Elliott. 5
22   Rested.  
23 Syd On McGlynn and had a reasonable game. 4
QF   Senior emergency.  
SF VFL Strong game at half back with 22 touches and 10 marks.
PF VFL Solid contributor in defence to end with 17 possessions.

2012 Season

4 VFL Used the ball well and made good decisions.
5 VFL Improved game. Still finding his feet and full fitness.
6 VFL Played his role well as a defensive stopper.
7 VFL OK in patches but needs to do more.
8 VFL Used the ball beautifully to set up forward thrusts.
12 VFL Used the ball well at times and was creative by foot.
14 VFL Down on recent efforts.
15 VFL Did well in a defensive role and provided some drive.
16 VFL One of the Hawks stronger contributors in win.
17 VFL Used the ball well as usual to carve Pies apart.
18 VFL Did well on occasions in the back half. Used ball well.
19 VFL Not his best day across half back.
22 VFL Just eight touches. Struggled.
23 VFL Used the ball well in the back half to set the Hawks up.
QF VFL Used the ball well down back to be among the best.