Age: 29yr 5mth Games: 70 Born: Mar 24, 2021
Height: 191cm Weight: 93kg Position: DEF

2016 Digest:   Banned for the 2016 season due to a WADA infraction.

2016 NAB Cup:  

2016 Season

Played for : Essendon

1   Suspended.  
2   Suspended.  
3   Suspended.  
4   Suspended.  
5   Suspended.  
6   Suspended.  
7   Suspended.  
8   Suspended.  
9   Suspended.  
10   Suspended.  
11   Suspended.  
12   Suspended.  
13   Suspended.  
14   Suspended.  
16   Suspended.  
17   Suspended.  
18   Suspended.  
19   Suspended.  
20   Suspended.  
21   Suspended.  
22   Suspended.  
23   Suspended.  

2015 Season

Played for : Essendon

3 VFL Used in attack. Kicked three goals from four possessions.
4   Didn’t play for Essendon VFL.  
5   Didn’t play for Essendon VFL.  
6   Injured.  
7 VFL Kicked three goals after missing a month.
8 VFL Goalless but provided a target across half forward.
9 VFL Chipped in with two handy goals in comfortable win.
10 VFL More of the ball this week – 15 touches, but goalless.
11 VFL Minimal impact with others starring around him.
12 VFL Bye.
13 VFL Kicked three important goals and provided a strong target.
14 VFL Used down back at times as well as forward. Just fair.
15 VFL Bye.
16 VFL Deployed down back and held the Dons’ defence together.
17 VFL Held the back half together throughout the Cats’ surge.
18 VFL Strong at stages down back and won a bit of ball – 20 disp.
19 VFL Competed hard in defence but had hands full at times.
20 Adel First game in 18 months a disaster. Lynch ran him ragged from go to whoa. 3
21 VFL Matched up on Minson in Dogs’ attack and did a good job.
22 VFL Marshalled the troops in defence to hold Tigers at bay.
23 Coll Fasolo caused him problems early but he rebounded strongly. Good effort. 6

2014 Season

Played for : Essendon

1 PM Solid enough in defence.
2 PM Defended strongly opposed to Edwards.
3   Didn’t play for Essendon VFL.  
4   Senior emergency.  
5 VFL Kicked a late goal in a new role in attack. Quiet otherwise.
6 VFL Played in attack and provided a strong aerial target.
7 VFL Used in both attack and defence. Not his best day.
8 VFL Bye.
9   Rested.  
10 VFL Bye.
11   Calf.  
12   Calf.  
13   Calf.  
14 VFL Started forward and presented well before shifting back.
15 VFL Used at both ends with only moderate success.
16 VFL Just five touches as a permanent forward.
17 VFL Kicked a goal and took some good marks.
18 VFL Moved down back to halt Dogs’ forwards. Serviceable.
19 VFL Did some good things in attack but ended with 1.3.
20   Heel.  
21   Heel.  
22   Heel.  
23   Heel.  
QF   Heel.  
EF   Heel.  

2013 Season

Played for : Essendon

1 PM Beat Koschitzke but supply poor to the big Saint.
2 VFL Sturdy game down back. 25 possessions a great return.
3 VFL Solid down back, spoiled well opposed to Spangher.
4 StK OK and Essendon just happy to have him on the paddock. 4
5 VFL Best game this year in defence. Patrolled defensive 50 beautifully.
6 GWS Handed a good old fashioned hiding from Cameron. 2
7 VFL Bye.
8 VFL Had his hands full in defence with Port’s tall forwards.
9 VFL Battled Paine and whilst conceding three goals, was OK.
10 VFL Good in defence and even had a run in the middle. 25 touches.
11 VFL Continued his strong form in defence. Rarely lost a contest.
12 GCS Back in the side and one of his best games in years. Big numbers and solid defensively. 7
14 WCE Troubled by Darling and later went to Kennedy. 3
15 Port Continued to solidify his position in the back half. Solid outing again. 6
16 WB Looked shaky at times early but worked into the contest to play his part. 6
17   Rested.  
18 Haw Battled Gunston for the most part. Not the worst given 66 inside-50s against. 4
19 VFL Controlled the back half in fine style. Hard to see why he was dropped.
20 WCE Took the game on from defence. Made one horror blunder but played with positivity. 6
21 NM Had job on Tarrant but out-worked by the Kangaroo. 3
22 Carl Although he found Menzel slippery he played his best game for the year. 7
23 Rich Had his hands full with Edwards and was constantly lead to the ball. Not his best. 3

2012 Season

Played for : Essendon

1 NM Started on Tarrant and kept him under wraps. 5
2 Port Battled Westhoff for the most part and probably shaded on the day. 4
3 GCS A variety of opponents also, and had plenty of the footy. 5
4 Carl Good effort, team well with Hooker down back. 6
5 Coll Battled Dawes and had him covered with something in hand. 6
8 VFL Sturdy effort in defence. Got through OK.
9 GWS Decent defensive game as the Giants were restricted to just seven goals. 6
10 Melb Came in for Hooker, took Green and made no impression whatsoever. 1
15 VFL Good outing in defence on Edwards. Back to form.
16 VFL Got through OK and defended strongly at times.
17 VFL The Bombers best listed defender. Composed effort.
18 VFL Best for Bendigo across half back.
19 Adel Struggled with the pace of the game and conditions most of the evening. 4
21 VFL Strong game in defence. Timely with senior injuries.
22 Rich On Jackson and others early. Not a big factor. 3
23 Coll Started on Paine. Into forward line in third term. 5