Age: 33yr 1mth Games: 106 Born: Feb 28, 2021
Height: 182cm Weight: 84kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Grabbed 22 touches vs Eagles and then surplus to requirements for last weekend’s match. Break-glass-in-emergency player.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : GWS Giants

1 Adel Had the run with role on Crows midfielders before pulling his hamstring in the second term 3
2   Hamstring.  
3   Hamstring.  
4   Hamstring.  
5   Hamstring.  
6   Hamstring.  
7   Hamstring.  
8   Hamstring.  
9   Hamstring.  
10   Hamstring.  
11 NEAFL Back from hamstring issue and has very good with 32 possessions and nine tackles.
12 NEAFL Tagged by Florent and wasn’t able to have typical influence.
13   Bye.  
14 NEAFL Tackled hard all day and got a bit of the ball. One of the Giants best.
15 NEAFL Not as prominent as normal, but did his bit in midfield. 20 touches, five tackles.
16 Haw Kicked his first goal in Giants colours. Acquired as injury insurance as a hardened AFL body. Okay. 5
17 Syd Late replacement for Jeremy Cameron. Okay first half before fading away. Will struggle to hold his spot. 4
18 Rich Former Docker looked slower than a helicopter over a nudist colony at times; 10 disposals and one tackles. 3
19   Senior emergency.  
20 NEAFL Along with Lloyd, the clear standout for the Giants. 39 possessions and 10 tackles.
21 NEAFL Bye.
22 NEAFL Won his fair share of footy in midfield, but was a bit scrappy with ball use.

2016 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 WB Used the ball well when he got it, but only managed to get his hands on it 12 times. 4
2 WAFL Responded to being dropped with 25 touches, six tackles.
3 WCE Under the pump because his disposal isn’t up to standard. 3
4 WAFL Bye.
5 WAFL Responded to another axing with 22 disposals.
6   Senior emergency.  
7 WAFL Solid off half-back but finished with just the 16 possessions.
8 Haw Played his 100th game as late inclusion. Had little say. 3
9 WAFL Impressive with 29 possessions, eight tackles.
10 WAFL Another strong showing with 27 disposals, eight tackles.
11 WAFL Strong in clinches and showed class with 21 disposals.
12 WAFL Bye.
13 WAFL Worked hard in tough conditions for 29 possessions.
14   Hamstring.  
15   Hamstring.  
16   Senior emergency.  
17 Geel Didn’t stand out but did enough down back. Three inside-50s – six turnovers. 3
18 GCS Good across all four quarters and gathered 24 possessions. 5
19   Senior emergency.  
20 WAFL Terrific showing with 35 disposals, 11 marks and a goal.
21 WAFL Bye.
22 WAFL Not quite as big an influence with 18 disposals and a goal.
23 WAFL Tremendous in midfield with 34 disposals and six marks.

2015 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 WAFL Back from injury and terrific with 25 possessions.
2   Hamstring.  
3 WAFL Tuned up for AFL call up with 27 possessions, nine tackles.
4 Syd The sub. His key play was a crucial spoil that saved the team. 3
5   Senior emergency.  
6 WAFL Solid game again with 28 possessions to push for AFL call up.
7 WAFL Best on ground showing in midfield with 29 touches, nine tackles, two goals.
8 WAFL Bye.
9   Senior emergency.  
10 WAFL Played well for fifth time this year with 20 possessions and two goals.
11 GCS Looked a bit rusty but got through the game. 4
13 WAFL Best on ground again. 26 touches, six tackles and a goal.
14 WAFL Not quite as much influence as he's been having with 17 disposals, six marks.
15 Haw Late inclusion for Taberner and did enough to keep spot for another week. Tried hard. 6
16 WAFL Dropped yet again and had 17 touches, five tackles.
17 WAFL Worked hard for 23 possessions, five tackles and a goal.
18 GWS Needs to improve his disposal. His kicking lacks penetration at the moment. 4
19 StK Stats didn't fully reflect his positive impact 6
20 WCE Not damaging when he got the ball. 5
21 NM Well below his par. Missed easy shot but then set up goal early final term. 3
22 Melb An improved game. Back as a running midfielder. 5
23 Port Did enough to warrant a game in the finals. 6
QF Syd Late inclusion struggled to influence contest. Might not hold his spot. 3
PF Haw Predominantly handball in strong disposal count. 6

2014 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 Coll Hard worker all night; a model of consistency these days. 7
2 GCS Shook off Stanley’s attention for seven inside-50s and two goals. 6
3 Haw Well down on normal output 4
4 Ess Solid contribution on a wing with 20 touches and a goal. 6
5 Syd Well contained through midfield and in the forward line. No impact. 4
6 NM Just the 12 possessions and game lacked his typical attacking incision. 4
7 WCE Presented well off half forward and marked the ball well. 7
8 Port The loose man in defence and repeatedly saved the day. 8
9 Geel Twelve disposals and two goals in first half critical. Key player. 7
11 WB Had a big final term after not doing much before that. 4
12 Adel Not an outstanding day. 4
13 Rich Had to go to A Edwards at times to shut him down which nullified his offence. 4
14 Bris Had a good tussle with Bewick and made a contribution. 5
15 WCE Standard game on a wing and half forward. Nothing outstanding however. 5
16 Melb Kicked two goals when others found it tough. Got into space a bit easy. 6
17 GWS Patrolled half-back with aplomb and was everywhere – 11 marks. 7
18 StK Strove hard all day but ended up nursing a hip injury. 5
19 Carl Had hamstring worries from early on and didn’t play at all after half time. 2
20   Hamstring.  
21 Haw Back after a hammy and solid with 21 touches. 6
22 Bris Similar to Mundy in that he was constantly involved in the play. 7
23 Port Good blend of attack and defence in wing role. 7
QF Syd Really good effort to push back and help out the backline. 7
SF Port Used down back in absence of others. Battled hard and gave some drive. 5

2013 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 WCE Played his role in the midfield. 13 possessions on the night. 5
2 WB Used predominantly in defence and played his role with aplomb. 6
3 Ess Had four tackles and three rebound 50s but has played better games. 5
4 Haw Struggled to control Smith on a wing. 4
5 Rich Ellis had the better of him on the wing. 4
6 GCS Did the required role and missed a couple of goal opportunities. 5
7 Coll Went head to head with Sidebottom and while OK had his colours lowered. 5
8 Syd Didn't do a lot after coming on as a late substitute. 3
9 Melb Continued to run into space and cause headaches in transition. 7
10 Adel One goal and five inside 50s for a good afternoon at the office. 6
12 Bris Steady and effective all through the game. Solid effort. 6
13 NM On wing against Anthony and had a solid game. 5
14 Geel Even effort but has zero clearances and only one inside-50. 5
15 StK Played a strong game and showed courage in recovering from big hit. 7
16 WCE Effective winger across four quarters. 6
17 Rich Booted three third-quarter goals. Provided a good link. 7
18 Adel Unable to hit the scoreboard but provided a link between defence and attack. 5
19 Carl Linked well across the middle of the ground and helped keep Carlton at bay. 5
20 GWS Roamed all over the place to do his bit and iced effort with two goals. 7
21 Melb Solid on a wing but didn’t hit the scoreboard like he has been. 5
22 Port Quiet early then lifted tempo. 5
23 StK Among the handful of better performers. 6
QF Geel Stats not big but what he did was clean from wing/half-back. 4
PF Syd Did a lot more inside work than usual, which affected his outside linking run. OK. 6
GF Haw Battled Smith on a wing and had his moments – as did his opponent. Handy enough. 6

2012 Season

Played for : Fremantle

1 Geel Was always in the action. Had 22 possessions and kicked a goal. 6
2 Syd Solid and continually thwarted the Swans with his reading of the play. 6
3 Bris One of the best on ground. Won clearances and set up goals. 8
4 StK Good effort and finished with important goal in closing moments. 7
5 Carl Continued good form as a creative ball-winner. 6
6 GCS Down on his usual output but steady and iced the game with last goal. 6
7 Port Won contested footy. Had a crack. 7
8 Haw Started OK then disappeared. 3
9 WCE Barely sighted. Couldn’t find the footy. 3
10 Adel Worked hard. Had 20 possessions and four clearances. 6
11 Rich Quiet start but then got going to help keep the midfield ticking over. 6
13 Ess Good on Stanton for most of the match but he got away late. 5
14 Coll No dash or creativity about the way he played and wasn’t a factor. 4
15 WB Pretty good with lots of contested possessions. 6
16 Melb Not his day. Kicked a goal but apart from that was very quiet. 4
17 GWS Had five inside 50s but also kicked three points. Needed to kick goals. 5
18 Port Kicked a goal in the third term to steady the ship when Power was surging. 4
19 WCE Kicked two goals and was strong over the ball. 7
20 Adel Had some good moments but had no great impact on proceedings. 4
21 Rich Hurt his shoulder late. Did well for most of the day. 5
22 NM Did a few nice things but wasn’t a big factor. 4
23 Melb Booted 2.2 from 21 disposals. Was damaging. 7
EF Geel Not a major factor. 4
SF Adel Covered a lot of ground in first half but tapered. 6