#37   West Coast

Age: 24yr 1mth Games: 32 Born: Oct 08, 2020
Height: 194cm Weight: 95kg Position:

2017 Digest:   One of the finds of 2016. Will start as the favoured option, but must maintain form to keep ahead of Mackenzie and co.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 WAFL OK in the back half without being outstanding in loss to West Perth.
2 StK Had 22 disposals and took 10 marks but wasn’t the same player that we saw late last season. 5
3 Rich Started OK, but didn’t get into the game at all. Beaten by every opponent he was on. 5
4 Syd Took the in-form Reid and kept him to just one late goal. Did his bit in the win. 6
5 Haw Took some good intercept marks and battled hard in defence. Far from the worst of the Eagles line-up. 6
6 Frem Marked strongly in defence. Another good game as he keeps experienced players out of the team. 5
7 Port Had his hands full with Dixon, started well but Dixon almost won it singlehandedly for Port. 5
8 WB Took six marks in defence. Wasn’t given free range to jump by the Dog forwards. 6
9 Ess Rough day down back opposed to Hooker. Never able to get going. 4
10   Bye.  
11 WAFL Okay down back with 16 possessions and 10 marks for East Perth.
12   Bye.  
13 Geel Went to Taylor and for the most part did that job superbly. Great inclusion down back. 6
14 Melb Marked superbly but McDonald’s goals were the telling weapon inside 50. 6
15 WB Good cut of a footballer, versatile enough to play key back and take a turn on a wing. Some handy interventions. 5
16 Port Marked strongly but Port Adelaide’s talls were potent. 6
17 Frem Didn’t give the tall forwards a sniff and marked well. 6
18 Coll Needs to work on fundamental defensive skills. Also provided little the other way. 3
19 Bris Marked strongly in defence. Stood tall when required. 6
20   Groin.  
21   Groin.  
22 GWS Mixed bag. Had some nice moments in the air but needs to work on his one-on-one defending. 4
23 Adel Took some big marks in the final term when it really mattered. 6
EF Port Had his hands full down back and left it up to other defenders to do the job. 3
SF GWS Ducked his head in early marking duel and was non-competitive throughout the night. Embarrassing effort. 1

2016 Season

1 WAFL Tremendous in key defensive role and had 18 disposals, nine marks.
2 WAFL Strong showing again as key defender and had 13 touches, five marks.
3 WAFL Did well in defence on resting Peel/Fremantle ruckmen.
4 WAFL Another strong effort in back-line with 19 disposals.
5 WAFL Good down back once more with 16 disposals, six marks.
6 WAFL Good down back once more with 13 touches, five marks.
7 WAFL Bye.
8 WAFL Solid in defence once more with 14 touches, eight marks.
9 WAFL Strong showing again in defence with 22 touches, eight marks.
10 WAFL Shining light in defence finishing with 18 disposals, eight marks.
11 WAFL Got a bit of the ball down back in loss to the Falcons.
12 Adel Had two speckies taken over him in defence. Not an easy night. 3
13 Bris Stats (11 disposals) suggest he had a quiet day, but he did what was expected. 5
15 Ess Marked strongly and showed courage. Good signs. 6
16 NM Solid in defence but Brown got away from West Coast. 4
17 Carl Showed good signs in defence. Read play well to grab six marks. 6
18 Melb Held firm under a mountain of pressure in the back line. 6
19   Rested.  
20 Frem His contested marking again a highlight. He’s keeping Mackenzie in the WAFL. 6
21 GWS Had trouble early with Patton’s size and wasn’t really a factor going forward. 3
22   Shin.  
23 Adel Outstanding game in defence, intercept marking and physical presence highlights. 7
EF WB Took Stringer/Boyd/Cordy among others. Defensively handy given scoreline. 5

2015 Season

1 WAFL 14 possessions and seven marks in the reserves.
2 WAFL Bye.
3 WAFL League debut and had 16 possessions, nine marks.
4 WAFL Took two towering marks in a good defensive effort in second league appearance.
5 WAFL Strong game again. Held dangerous opponent goalless.
6 WAFL Developing well as key defender and had 13 disposals.
7 WAFL One of his team's best in defence and had 19 possessions, seven marks.
8 WAFL Bye.
9 WAFL Solid down back in Monday win over West Perth.
10 WAFL Another good showing as key defender with 10 possessions.
11   Rested.  
12 WAFL Another good performance as a key defender, had 11 disposals, five marks.
13 WAFL Bye.
14 WAFL Outstanding with his spoiling and reading of play as key defender.
15 WAFL Strong defensively again. 14 disposals, seven marks.
16 WAFL Outstanding with marking and spoiling in defence. Ready for AFL debut.
17 Syd Debutant was used across half back on Goodes at times and held his own. 5
18 GCS Found the going tough against Lynch. 3
19 WAFL Returned after AFL debut in good touch with 17 disposals, six marks.
20 WAFL Solid key defensive effort with 13 disposals and nine marks.
21 WAFL Bye.
22 Adel Playing just his third AFL game and outpointed by Jenkins. 4
23 WAFL Good as key defender against ex-AFL tall forwards from Claremont.
QF WAFL Just five touches down back. Struggled at times on Taberner.

2014 Season

1   Hip.  
2   Hip.  
3   Hip.  
4   Hip.  
5 WAFL First game of the year and 17 touches in the reserves.
6 WAFL Just the 12 touches in the reserves.
7 WAFL Only 10 touches in the reserves.
8 WAFL Looked good in the reserves with 13 possessions.
9 WAFL Bye.
10 WAFL Bye.
11 WAFL 11 possessions in East Perth reserves.
12 WAFL Just the nine possessions in the reserves.
13 WAFL Struggling still for impact at reserves level with just 10 disposals.
14 WAFL Struggled again in the reserves with just the 11 possessions.
15   Groin.  
16   Groin.  
17   Groin.  
18   Groin.  
19   Groin.  
20   Groin.  
21   Groin.  
22   Groin.  
23   Groin.