#17   Port Adelaide

Age: 24yr 12mth Games: 41 Born: Mar 23, 2021
Height: 193cm Weight: 93kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Now in his fifth season, the time has come for him to step up and claim a key defensive role. Bulked up over summer.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Syd Bit of a David and Goliath arrangement on Buddy who was threatening with four goals. Couple of key touches late. 3
2 Frem Locked down any opposition forward which come in his path. 6
3 Adel Taylor Walker finally got the better of him but was impressive in the first half. 6
4 GWS Gave away inches and kilos to Patton and although he tried hard, was outmatched on the evening. 3
5 Carl Nullified the brilliance of Jacob Weitering and counterattacked with five rebound-50’s. 6
6 Bris Did a really good job quelling the influence of Hipwood. 7
7 WCE Impressive job on Jack Darling, conceded two goals but won the one on one battle. 6
8 GCS Rock solid defensively in back half and made right decision most times with his touches. 5
9   Bye.  
10 Geel Took Taylor all night and was superb in keeping him goalless. Fine defensive effort from emerging player. 8
11 Haw Key defender did his bit without setting world on fire. Enjoyed fact he was rarely put under any sort of pressure. 5
12 Ess Had to move to an on-fire Hooker in second term. Kept him to just one goal despite tide of pressure. 5
13 Bris Did well to man up on Eric Hipwood, despite conceding two great goals did his job well. 6
14 Coll Moved to Fasolo and was able to keep the dangerous Pie goalless after he kicked two in the second half. Developing player. 7
15 Rich Excellent job on Jack Riewoldt restricting him to one goal. 6
16 WCE Beaten by Darling early but kept fighting. 4
17 NM Combined well with his fellow defenders to keep the North Melbourne big forwards to three goals. 6
18 Melb Started on McDonald in defence and continued to stick to the task after the Dee got the game’s opener. 6
19 StK OK without being outstanding. Did some nice things in defence. 4
20 Adel Taken to the cleaners by Tom Lynch’s gut running up and down the ground. 3
21 Coll Played on the undersized Alex Fasolo and restricted his influence on the game. 6
22 WB Took Cloke and did a solid job aside from who loose balls the big Dog jumped on. 6
23 GCS Hardly troubled in defence and cleaned up every wayward Suns foray forward. 6
EF WCE Massive task on Kennedy and kept him to one goal in regular time. The Eagle broke free in extra time. 6

2016 Season

1   Foot.  
2   Foot.  
3   Foot.  
4   Foot.  
5 SANFL Found a bit of the footy but looked rusty in return from injury.
6 SANFL On the comeback trail but nowhere near back to his best yet.
7 SANFL Unobtrusive if unspectacular in backline.
8 SANFL Quiet afternoon down back.
9 SANFL Broke even in defence but isn't really impacting games.
10 SANFL Bye.
11 SANFL Quiet afternoon before enjoying a big fourth quarter in defence.
12 SANFL Recaptured his old form by quelling Beard and marking with aplomb.
13 SANFL Getting back to his rebounding, intercept marking best in defence.
14 SANFL Bye.
15 Rich Late call-up for Hombsch and given the tough task on Riewoldt, and was OK. 4
16 Haw Had to contend with Gunston, and was OK despite conceding three goals. 5
17 NM Started on Brown and was one defender under extreme pressure. 4
18 GWS Great tussle with Cameron, stuck to him like glue all game. 6
19 Bris OK in defence but never reached great heights. 5
20 Syd Rough start, but stuck to task to keep Buddy to just two goals. Can hold his head high. 6
21 Melb Good job on Petrecca, curbed his influence on the game. 5
22 Adel Stuck to his guns and kept up with Walker every step of the way. 6
23 GCS Played on a variety of tall forwards and was OK. 5

2015 Season

2 SANFL At full-back, comfortably quelled Panthers spearhead Eddy.
3 SANFL Outstanding in defence.
4 SANFL Used as a tagger, didn't get a heap of it but kept Panos in check.
5 SANFL Booted the Magpies' first goal and was serviceable all afternoon.
6 SANFL Sacrificed his own game to quell Magarey Medallist Kirkwood.
7 SANFL Mopped up nicely in defence. Near flawless.
8 SANFL Bye.
9 Melb Gave Howe a bath in defence. Good to see him get a chance. 7
10 WB Standing up well in the absence of Trengove. 5
11 Geel Used down back without getting involved at all. Will he keep spot? 1
12 SANFL Bye.
13 SANFL Had 26 touches, five rebound 50s. Developing nicely in defence.
14 SANFL Match postponed.
15 Coll Did the job on White, looks comfortable at the elite level. 5
16 Adel Good tussle with Lynch, just lost out on the day. 4
17 Ess Matched with Ambrose early. 4
18 StK Stood McCartin and kept him goalless. 6
19 WB The 21-year-old wasn't alone in finding little of the ball and was well beaten. 3
20 SANFL Horror first half on Alleway but made some big plays in last quarter.
21 SANFL Responded to last week's shellacking with a tight game in defence.
22 SANFL Decent third quarter. Just steady.
23 SANFL Had five rebound 50s in his eight disposals. Tried hard in defence.

2014 Season

1 Carl Modest stats but worked OK as part of the back six rotation. 3
2   Senior emergency.  
3 SANFL Steady game in Port backline.
4 SANFL Held Magpies back six together magnificently.
5 SANFL Marshalled the defence well. Used ball cleanly too.
6 SANFL Solid showing in defence.
7 SANFL Was everywhere early and won his position as key defender.
8 SANFL At full-back completely blanketed Duldig.
9 SANFL Did very little wrong in defence.
10 SANFL Stood tall defending and rebounding. Led back six.
11 SANFL Bye.
12 SANFL Potent defensive standout with 23 possessions.
13 SANFL Solid again at full-back, shaded Eagles spearhead Wundke.
14 SANFL Tried hard but not his best day in defence.
15 SANFL Silenced Duldig after half-time and hurt Blues with 11 rebound 50s.
16   Senior emergency.  
17 SANFL Just OK in defence, occasionally moving to a wing.
18 SANFL Intercept-marked at will to give Crows forward line a hard time.
19   Hamstring.  
20   Hamstring.  
21 SANFL Excellent at full-back with eight rebound 50s. Easily beat Newton.
22 SANFL Forgettable afternoon in defence.
23 SANFL Bye.
QF SANFL Some costly errors in defence marred an energetic display.
EF SANFL Some costly errors in defence marred an energetic display.
SF SANFL Torched at full-back with Eddy kicking five goals.
PF SANFL Sprightly in defence and marginally won his duel with Newton.

2013 Season

1 SANFL OK without starring down back for the Glenelg reserves.
2 SANFL Solid game in defence for Glenelg reserves.
3 SANFL First league outing and was ok for Glenelg.
4 SANFL Rebounded well from Glenelg defence 18 disp.
5 SANFL Played solid defensive role for Bays.
6 SANFL A rare defensive shining light in convincing Glenelg loss.
7 SANFL Bye.
8   Bye.  
9 SANFL Had his colours lowered at full-back in big loss to the Eagles.
10 SANFL Five of his seven disposals from full back were rebound 50s.
11 SANFL 15 possessions and five rebounds in Glenelg’s loss.
12 SANFL Played a superb game in defence.
13 SANFL Not a great day to be a Glenelg defender.
14 SANFL Bye.
15 SANFL One of several Glenelg players to have a shocker on Friday night.
16 SANFL One of Bays’ best in big loss, very good second quarter.
17 SANFL Broke even on last line of defence in loss.
18 SANFL Responded to demotion to reserves with two goals in big win.
19 SANFL Recaptured best form to star for Glenelg’s reserves.
20 SANFL Bye.
21 SANFL Solid as a rock in gallant Glenelg loss to rampaging Redlegs.
22 SANFL Rebounded and intercepted well in defence, 21 touches, 11 marks.
23 SANFL Gave his all in beaten Bays defence .
QF SANFL On fire early in defence, grabbed 10 marks and generated rebound.
EF SANFL On fire early in defence, grabbed 10 marks and generated rebound.