#26   Geelong

Age: 30yr 8mth Games: 212 Born: Jul 21, 2020
Height: 198cm Weight: 103kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Had knee surgery post 2016 but got back for the first JLT match. Harry Taylor’s ability to free him up will be pivotal.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Frem Made most of touches for his three goals. Didn't star but provided a presence in the forward line. 6
2 NM Tarrant was able to restrict the Cat forward early but he exploded with three second-half goals to end with four. 7
3 Melb Dangerous inside forward 50 and relished one-on-ones to blast home five critical goals. Season tally now 15. 8
4 Haw Key forward kicked first goal of game and rounded out with three more to join Eddie Betts as equal leader in Coleman Medal. 8
5 StK Brown had the role on key forward and did it superbly. Four possessions, no goals in first half. Kicked two in final term. 4
6 Coll One goal in first half only influence. Timing of his leap for marks was well off. Well beaten by Dunn. 2
7 GCS Started brightly with two first-term goals and added another in the third. His May was able to run off him at times. 5
8 Ess Ended night with four goals and when got a chance one-on-one he looked dangerous. Ball movement makes it tough at times. 7
9 WB Key forward took his season goal tally to 27 in a tight battle with Adams. Couple of disposals in final term were key. 5
10 Port Goaled in second term and set up a few others but in wash up was pretty well held by Hombsch. Kicked 1.3. 4
11 Adel Game 200 ended with 2.2. Not a huge night but did help keep the side looking dangerous going forward. 4
12   Bye.  
13   Suspended.  
14 Frem Couldn’t get into the game at all with Johnson in his back pocket. One goal came in final term. 4
15 GWS Quiet one opposed to Davis. Had chance to win the game with set shot after the siren but it sailed wide for the draw. 3
16 Bris Won the battle with Andrews with four goals including one from the tightest of angles. How did he ever miss against GWS? 7
17 Haw Looked dangerous early but missed chances for goal. Later had to push up the ground to get a kick. No goals. 4
18 Adel Battled Talia and couldn’t get away from the big Crow. One goal and limited influence. 3
19 Carl Answered a few critics with timely reminder why he’s a 200-gamer. Six goals, 11 marks and a career-high 27 possessions. 9
20 Syd Kicked first goal of the game and ended game with three – all in the first half. Tried hard but lacked second option to work off. 6
21   Suspended.  
22   Suspended.  
23 GWS Workrate enormous; 10 marks, 20 disposals and 10 goals in a superb forward’s performance. 8
QF Rich Had to roam right up the field to find the footy. Worked hard but only one goal from 15 possessions. 5
SF Syd Fumbled like a 15-year-old on his first date at the movies. Didn’t matter and will set himself for next week. One great goal late. 4
PF Adel Two effective disposals in first half and four for the match in what was a poor return from key forward. 2

2016 Season

1 Haw Frawley had his measure but workrate first class all day. Two goals. 4
2 GWS Work-rate enormous and ended with three goals, including an unbelievable soccer effort. Ten marks. 8
3 Bris Kicked 4.4 and could have bagged seven. Outmarked Merrett a few times in one-on-ones. 7
4 Ess Went goalless for first time since Round, 21, 2014. Seven effective disposals. 3
5 Port Worked up the ground to get a kick and looked dangerous inside the arc opposed to Hombsch. 6
6 GCS Took 10 marks, kicked four goals, gave three away and was a powerhouse all night. 9
7 WCE Work-rate enormous. Six tackles, three goals and five inside-50s. 7
8 Adel Outmarked Talia at times early but radar in front of goal off. Contested hard. 4
9 Coll One effective disposal in first half then kicked three of his four goals in final term. 6
10 Carl Huge first term (six marks) then only touched it six more time. Only goal very late. 4
11 GWS Battled hard for two goals, including key long goal in final term. Six marks but still short of best. 5
12   Suspended.  
13 WB Got a few goals late which was good for his confidence. Four goals from seven kicks. 6
14 StK Out of sorts against Delaney. Ended with three goals but not a huge factor. 4
16 Syd Struggles continue. Two marks and two goals from five kicks. 3
17 Frem Could not get a hand to the ball and misjudged it in the air all night. One goal. 2
18 Adel Mark and goal in first term set tone and he ended with four goals from nine kicks. 7
19 WB Competed hard for two goals and worked well with other forwards. 6
20 Ess Inaccuracy (four behinds) denied him a bag of goals greater than three he kicked. 6
21 Rich Rance had his measure but too his credit he had an impact in final term. 3
22 Bris Ended day with 2.2 from five marks. Ok but will need to play better. 5
23 Melb Six goals, including four in the opening term, from nine marks. Confidence booster. 8
QF Haw Numbers modest but had a big influence with two goals and four marks. 7
PF Syd Grundy was his master. Four marks, one goal and five kicks. 2

2015 Season

1 Haw Two goals but the ball hardly got past centre after quarter time. 4
2 Frem Two goals but not a factor for most of the day. Delivery no help. 4
3   Personal leave.  
4 NM Emotional day after death of his mother. One goal but beaten by Tarrant. 4
5 Rich Two early goals and three for the match. Rance covered him well. 6
6 Coll Monstered Frost early then Brown did better on him after half time. 5
7   Glute.  
8 Carl Five marks and one goal in even effort. 6
9 WCE Three goals and when got chance (which wasn’t often) was dangerous. 6
10 Ess Service at times was not to advantage but somehow scrounged four goals. 6
11 Port Well beaten by Carlile but laid six tackles and kicked two important goals. 4
12 Melb Dunn had his measure. Seemed to want to wrestle too often. Two goals. 4
15 NM Grabbed team-high eight marks but mustered just one goal. 5
16 WB Three goals from six marks in even performance. Had to come up the ground. 6
17 GWS Along with Motlop proved the difference. Monstered Corr with five goals. 8
18 Bris Well held by Merrett for most part. Goals in first and third terms. Six marks. 4
19 Syd Got on top as game wore on. Two goals in second and final terms. 7
20 Haw Great battle with Lake. Three marks and two goals but not a huge factor. 4
21 StK Three first-half goals but then shut out by Fisher. Six marks. 5
22 Coll One kick first half. Two nice second-half goals but game was done by then. 3
23 Adel Three goals from seven kicks in a great battle with Talia. Solid season. 5

2014 Season

1 Adel Struggled to get away from Talia but work-rate solid. Just one goal. 4
2 Bris Kicked a goal in first and second terms but was well held by Merrett. 5
3 Coll Exploded in final term to kick three match-winning goals. Four for the night. 7
4 WCE Kicked 3.2 from eight marks and was a presence inside forward 50. 7
5 Haw Able to monster Cheney when one-on-one. Ended with 10 marks, five goals. 8
6 Port Snap goal in first term and two more late when game was over. 5
7 Rich Great battle with Astbury and while goalless he kept providing a target. 5
9 Frem Two goals in second term and ended with three in a solid performance. 6
10 NM Three contested marks and four goals to monster Thompson. 7
11 Syd Ended with three goals – two in last term – despite ankle injury. 5
12 Carl Monster first half netted four goals, eight marks. Held by Jamison after that. 7
13 StK Huge. 13 marks, three goals and a massive presence up forward. 8
14 GCS Well held by May but still found a way to contribute three goals. 5
15 Ess Looked menacing early then supply dried up after half time. Sealing goal. 6
16 WB Tough day for marking forward but contributed two goals and five marks. 5
17 Melb Kicked three goals and had Frawley beaten in a few one-on-ones. 6
18 GWS Davis/Mohr wore him well but worked into it for eight marks and two goals. 6
19 NM Three goals from six marks which was a good effort as Thompson did well. 5
20 Frem Is currently filing a police report after being assaulted by Dawson. Seven marks. 6
21 Carl Battled Jamison for eight marks but no goals for rare time this year. 5
22 Haw Kept battling for three goals opposed to Lake. Did what he could. 6
23 Bris Career-high seven goals to claim second place in the Coleman Medal. 8
QF Haw Dropped marks he’s been taking all year and picked bad time for an off night. 3
SF NM Nearly won the game off his own boot with five goals and 13 marks. 9

2013 Season

1 Haw First kick was a goal just before half time and ended with two. 5
2 NM Kicked 3.1 in great battle with Thompson. Only one contested mark. 6
3 Carl Great battle with Jamison. Made to work every inch for his three-goal haul. 6
4 Syd Thrashed by Richards in first half but responded with three second-half goals. 5
5   Soreness.  
6 Rich Kicked two second half goals but really struggled all night. Looked sluggish. 3
7 Ess Kicked two goals but still looks severely hampered by a back injury. 4
8 Coll Kicked four goals in best effort for a month. Moved better than he has. 6
9 Port Had three goals to half time and ended with six despite looking sore. 8
10 GCS Well held by Lynch and kicked just two goals. Did grab four contested marks. 5
11 GWS Two goals from three kicks. Well held by Mohr all afternoon. 3
13 Bris Kicked 3.2 and worked hard in what was a great battle against Merrett. 6
14 Frem Two goals to contribute to the effort. Just the two marks. 5
15 Haw Two kicks first half and only six for game – no goals. Beaten by Gibson. 2
16 Melb Kicked two goals and took four marks with Frawley on his hammer. 5
17 Adel Moved well on Rutten then Talia went to him and kept him quiet. 5
18 StK Kicked five goals, four in the first half. Appears to be moving better. 7
19 NM Struggled. Just two marks and a goal not enough from key spearhead. 3
20 Port Struggled again. Only three marks, one goal and five kicks. 3
21   Back.  
22 Syd Missed three gettable opportunities at goal, subbed out at three-quarter time 2
23 Bris One goal from three kicks. Form has to be a concern. 2
QF   Back.  
SF Port Ordinary first half then kicked two goals in the third term to play a part. 3
PF Haw Moved as well as he has for two months but just one goal. 4

2012 Season

1 Frem Kicked two first-term goals and ended with four – missed two as well. 6
2 Haw Monstered Schoenmakers 12 marks and three goals to best Cats’ best. 8
3 NM Kicked three of his four goals in final term. Poor game but kicked four. 5
4 Rich Conditions didn’t suit but continued to attack footy and create contests. 5
5 Bris First term netted three goals; ended with six. Huge in wet. 9
6 Melb Took 10 marks but many were up on wing when pinch-hitting in ruck. 5
7 Adel Well beaten by Rutten. Only one of his five marks was inside 50. 3
8 Coll First and last quarters OK but hammered by Reid in between. 4
9 WB Underlined improvement by kicking 3.2 despite Lake doing well. Great late. 6
11 Carl Four contested marks and kicked a goal but generally well held by Jamison. 4
13 Syd Grabbed five contested marks but missed two easy set shots for goal. 5
14 Port Kicked two goals and workrate good despite modest stats. 5
15 GCS Grabbed eight marks and kicked four goals, including two nice set shots. 7
16 Coll If only his set-shot kicking (1.4) matched his marking (eight – four contested). 6
17 Ess Ended with eight marks and five goals. Set shot kicking a highlight. 7
18 Adel Massive – 11 marks, three goals and three goal assists to be close to best. 8
19 Haw Six goals, including four in second half and match winner after siren. 8
20 WCE Early goal then knocked himself out in marking contest 20 min into first term. 1
21 StK Super. Kicked six, including four in first half and two key goals in final term. 8
22 WB Great battle with Roughead and had Markovic dropping back on him – 4 goals. 6
23 Syd Found space hard to find but still grabbed five cont marks and four goals. 7
EF Frem After two months of highlight reel footy picked worst night for a shocker. 2