#42   Port Adelaide

Age: 28yr 2mth Games: 104 Born: Jan 09, 2021
Height: 189cm Weight: 94kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Suspension then a hamstring injury saw him miss most of last season but has featured in both JLT matches and been steady.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Syd Dour defender mixed good and bad as only he can. Held his defensive end up pretty well. 4
2 Frem Good duel with Shane Kersten with Jonas taking out the honours. 6
3 Adel Did well to keep Eddie Betts to three goals, he looked sharp all evening. 6
4 GWS Excellent effort in negating Cameron’s scoreboard impact, keeping him to just one goal. 7
5 Carl The one Port defender who lost out on the night to the hardworking Levi Casboult. 4
6 Bris Even when the match was decided, he was still putting his body on the line in defence. 6
7 WCE Did a great job keeping the reigning Coleman medallist Josh Kennedy to two goals. 6
8 GCS Towelled up Lynch and forced the Suns star into the back half. Outstanding performance. 9
9   Bye.  
10 Geel Thrown task on Menzel and can hold his head high given Cat managed just one goal. 6
11 Haw Stress free night in defence given total domination across the entire field. Did what was required but only four kicks. 4
12 Ess All at sea early amid Bomber blitz down back and only improved slightly. One to forget. 3
13 Bris Doesn’t give his opponent an inch, as strong a dour defender as they come. 6
14 Coll Third tall defender just used his fist Mick Schulz-style. Rugged and tackled hard when he got the opportunity. 6
15 Rich Kept Sam Lloyd to one goal and provided five rebound-50’s. 6
16 WCE Didn’t concede much in defence. Held firm in contests. 5
17 NM In a team defence performance along with Tom Clurey and Logan Austin shut down the big Kangaroo forwards. 6
18 Melb Gave Watts a toweling down back and was one of the most consistent Port players. 7
19 StK Worked hard in cutting off Saints and had a solid game down back. 5
20 Adel Went to Taylor Walker and just couldn’t cope with his body use and smarts with the footy in hand. 4
21 Coll Unlucky to man up on Sam Reid, did some good things but Reid won the personal battle with four goals. 4
22 WB Started on Stringer, then had Bontempelli when he rested forward. Booed for much of day after off-ball bump on Dahlhaus. 7
23   Suspended.  
EF   Suspended.  

2016 Season

1 StK Played as the third tall in defence, switching with Trengove. 5
2 Adel Playing tall on the smaller Crows forwards and found wanting. 3
3 Ess Nullified Ambrose when he shifted to the forward line. 6
4 GWS Did his job on Tomlinson and was serviceable in the back half. 4
5 Geel Took Kersten/Stanley among others. Dour type who doesn’t do much offensively. 3
6 Rich Went to Vickery and did a fine job to negate the big man’s impact. 7
7 Bris Kept Walker to no goals and just two contested marks. 6
8 Carl Not really a factor in terms of attack from defence. 3
9 WCE Late elbow on Gaff should see him miss at least two matches. 3
10   Suspended.  
11   Suspended.  
12   Suspended.  
13   Suspended.  
14   Suspended.  
15   Suspended.  
16   Suspended.  
17   Suspended.  
18   Hamstring.  
19   Hamstring.  
20   Hamstring.  
21   Hamstring.  
22   Hamstring.  
23   Hamstring.  

2015 Season

1 Frem Beat Mayne. Easily won that battle. 6
2 Syd Won lots of the footy across half-back. 6
3 NM Did what was required in back half and provided a good aerial assistance. 6
4 Haw Took care of Puopolo when he was in the game. 4
5 Adel Struggled to keep up with Betts. 4
6 WCE Struggling as the shutdown defender on the small forwards. 5
7 Bris Shadowed Zorko to some effect. 5
8 Rich Another player who is struggling to meet the standards set last year. 5
9 Melb Just eight touches but defended strongly. 5
10 WB Restricted livewire forward Dickson to one goal. 6
11 Geel Didn’t have a match-up and unable to impact game in either phase. 3
12 Carl Variety of opponents and battled hard without starring. Two rebound 50s. 4
14 Syd Loose on Goodes and made some horror mistakes. Suspect under pressure. 4
15   Quad.  
16   Quad.  
17 SANFL Showed some good signs in defence in return from injury.
18 SANFL Looked totally out of sorts.
19 SANFL A better effort in defence but not quite the Jonas of old just yet.
20 GWS Cameron may have got three goals but Jonas won the battle. 6
21 Haw Gunston was his opponent and proved a bit slippery in front half. 5
22 GCS Had his hands full with Lynch but stuck to the task. 5
23 Frem A stint in the twos was the tonic to bring his best form. 6

2014 Season

1 Carl Had a variety of forwards to cover and was under siege at times. 4
2 Adel Stood firm in defence when his team needed him. 4
3 NM Struggled under pressure making four critical errors and gave away some costly frees. 3
4 Bris Started the match on Zorko and kept him relatively quiet. 6
5 WCE Kept Hill quiet which helped Port over the line. 6
6 Geel Took Burbury to the cleaners and was tough down back. 6
7 GWS Got the better of Cameron in the first half before being subbed out. 5
8   Groin.  
9   Groin.  
10   Groin.  
11   Groin.  
12 StK Played as the third tall in defence allowing Trengove to start forward. 5
13 Syd Another Port defender who found himself without an opponent. 5
14 WB Kicked his first AFL goal in his 44th AFL match. 5
15 Adel Great dual with Lynch, both were good for their teams. 6
16 Ess Dealt with both Carlisle and Hurley at centre half back. 6
17 Rich Gave away size to Vickery and battled hard under constant pressure. 5
18 Melb Great battle with James Frawley, allowing just one goal. 5
19 Coll Defensively did his job playing on taller opponents and was hard at it. 6
20 Syd Did the job on Goodes and pumped the footy inside-50 five times. 6
21 GCS Chopped off a few Suns’ attacks and was generally sturdy in defence. 7
22 Carl Curbed the influential Menzel out of the game. 6
23 Frem Toiled hard in defence. 5
EF Rich Outstanding as the plus-one in defence, his reading of play was exceptional. 8
SF Frem Mayne caused him a few troubles but injured and subbed out at half time. 2
PF Haw Got the job on Breust and kept him goalless. Turned into a fine defender. 7

2013 Season

1 Melb One of quieter Port players but didn’t do a great deal wrong. 4
2 GWS Youngster spent his time in defence and did a couple of nice things. 3
3 Adel Moved onto Walker and kept him goalless in the last quarter. 6
4 GCS Battled well against taller opponents. 4
5 WCE Lucky Cox hit the post from an awful turnover across goals. 5
6 NM Kept on his toes by the menacing Thomas. 3
7 Rich Had the tough task of lining up on Riewoldt and came off second best. 4
8 Carl Wobbly early but recovered. Battled gamely down back against the tide. 5
9 Geel Gave away height and weight in defence to a variety of opponents. OK. 4
10 WB Used as a key defender and although he gave away inches, competed well. 6
12 GWS Kept Cameron goalless until deep into the final term. Superb effort. 8
13 Syd Had the tough task on Goodes early and was OK. 5
14 Coll Took on Swan when he went forward. 6
15 Ess Had the job on Hurley and stuck to his task, but outsprinted in a few key moments. 4
16 Haw Played more as the plus-one in defence and proved serviceable. 5
17 StK Went to Milne early and used strength to effect a number of times. 6
18   Suspended.  
19   Suspended.  
20   Suspended.  
21 GCS Played on first-year player Sumner and kept him to one goal. 6
22 Frem Key role on Ballantyne but unable to curtail him. 3
23 Carl Saved a goal in the second term beating Henderson in the goal square. 4
EF Coll Picked up the much smaller Blair, then on Keeffe when Magpie went forward. 5
SF Geel Low key in defence. 3

2012 Season

1 SANFL Had 10 possessions and tried hard.
2 SANFL Quiet game with just the seven touches.
3 SANFL Just the eight touches. Quiet.
5 SANFL Injured his knee in Norwood’s win over North on Friday night.
10 SANFL 11 possessions playing down back.
11 SANFL Fairly quiet with just nine touches for Norwood.
12 SANFL 17 touches across half back and through middle.
13 SANFL Collected 11 touches. Just fair.
14 Geel Spent time on Johnson at half back and was OK in first game of the season. 6
15 Adel Started on Shaun McKernan and was serviceable. 4
16 Ess Had the job on Alwyn Davey and was fortunate he didn’t kick straight. 3
17 Melb Not significant. 3
18 Frem Had his hands full with Chris Mayne all afternoon. 4
19 GWS Had a very quiet game off a halfback flank, but he wasn’t alone. 2
21 WCE Playing his part down back with minimal effect. 4
22 Bris Had the tough task of running with the inform Tom Rockliff and did OK. 5
23 Rich Didn’t touch the ball often enough to be a factor but great experience. 3