Age: 28yr 7mth Games: 17 Born: Jan 02, 2021
Height: 194cm Weight: 91kg Position: DEF

2016 Digest:   Has to produce this year after a season where he didn’t manage a senior game. Up until missing the last month with an ankle problem he was used effectively by Sandringham as a defender instead of his previous forward role. After ankle surgery has been in main training group since Christmas.

2016 NAB Cup:   Against North began in defence which is where he played reserves last year.

2016 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1   Senior emergency.  
2   Played in VFL trial against Williamstown.  
3 VFL Worked hard in defence and showed a cool head at times of crisis.
4 Haw Played down back as he has been doing in VFL. Nervous early but OK. Something to build on. 5
5 GWS Had plenty of problems when on Cameron, but at times he showed a bit. Persevere. 5
6 VFL Defended strongly after stint in seniors. Put hand up for recall.
7 VFL Pretty good down back but didn’t have a lot to do in the end.
8 VFL Did well down back considering how much ball Casey sent forward.
9 VFL Got better as the game wore on in defence. Ball use exceptional as always.
10 VFL Bye.
11   Senior emergency.  
12 Carl Hobbled off with knee problem in third term which was yet another unlucky blow. 1
13   Knee.  
14   Knee.  
15 GCS Took a couple of marks but generally outgunned against big Suns forwards. 2
16 VFL Solid contributor in defence. Four of his seven marks were contested.
17 VFL Good outing at both ends of the ground. Seven marks, six rebound-50s.
18 VFL Kicked a great goal and competed well enough in heavy defeat.
19 VFL Swung forward and had an impact in second half to end with three goals.
20 VFL Returned to defence and was handy enough without starring.
21 VFL In and out of the game at both ends.
22 VFL Some good moments, then some iffy ones. Four rebound-50s.
23 VFL Missed a lot of targets by foot – which is unusual. Not his best outing.

2015 Season

Played for : St Kilda

3 VFL Played down back and was influential with reading of play.
4 VFL Not as prominent down back as last week but was OK.
5 VFL Continues to do well in new role in defence.
6 VFL Drifted forward for a goal but no a big day down back.
7 VFL Stopped Frankston in their tracks down back then went forward.
8 VFL Best in defence for Sandy opposed to O’Brien.
9 VFL Strong effort again in defence. Has found a home down back.
10 VFL Did a good job on Black and took quite a few intercept marks.
11 VFL Continues to thrive in defensive role. Starred again.
12 VFL Bye.
13 VFL Steady down back but had hands full with Redpath at stages.
14 VFL Not his best game this year in back half.
15 VFL Didn’t make it to half time. Injured and sat out game.
16 VFL Bounced back well in defence after a down week.
17 VFL 14 touches down back and drifted forward for a goal.
18 VFL Bye.
19 VFL Good down back when Port was piling on the pressure.
20   Ankle.  
21   Ankle.  
22   Ankle.  
23   Ankle.  

2014 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 PM Presented well up forward against Northern Blues.
2 PM Hurt early but kicked two goals.
3 VFL Provided a good focal point with four crucial goals.
4 VFL Kicked 3.5 and was a handful all day for the Zebras.
5 VFL Well held by Joel Tippett in Zebra attack.
6 VFL Worked up the ground to end with 19 disposals.
7   Soreness.  
8 VFL Switched between ruck and forward and had no impact.
9 VFL Had 12 touches and saw some slight improvement.
10 VFL Bye.
11 VFL Bye.
12 Port No easy touches against Carlile and kicked only one behind. 2
13 Geel Disappointing day saw him subbed out of game early after just two touches. 1
14 WCE Under the spotlight and showed some positive glimpses working a bit harder. 3
15 VFL Back in form with four goals on a tough day for tall forwards.
16   Shoulder.  
17   Shoulder.  
18   Shoulder.  
19   Shoulder.  
20   Shoulder.  
21   Shoulder.  
22   Shoulder.  
23   Shoulder.  

2013 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1   Senior emergency.  
2 VFL Did nothing to suggest giving up pick 12 was a smart decision.
3 GWS Got one over the back for first goal in debut game. 3
4   Rested.  
5 Syd Rarely sighted and subbed off. Has a way to go. 1
6   Achilles.  
7 VFL Bye.
8 VFL Spent time up forward and in the ruck. 10 possessions, one goal.
9 VFL Bye.
10 VFL Played a variety of roles in his best game this year. Two goals.
11 VFL Comprehensively beaten. Just the eight touches.
12 VFL Just four possessions up forward in Zebras loss. Terrible.
13   Didn’t play for Sandringham.  
14 VFL Took a good mark but didn’t have a great day overall.
15 Frem Beat Dawson early and showed leading and marking the Saints have hoped for. 5
16 Carl Again kicked three goals and marked well. 5
17 Port Two goals but didn’t win much of the ball. 3
18 Geel Two goals in opening 11 mins then rarely sighted again. 3
19 Bris Took a couple of good contested marks and kicked two goals. 4
20 Haw Kept presenting but only one shot at goal and held by Lake. 3
21 Syd Started well on Rampe with opening goal but couldn’t take a grip after that. 3
22   Rested.  
23 Frem Kicked three goals and will progress with a pre-season under his belt. 5