#19   Gold Coast

Age: 27yr 1mth Games: 122 Born: Oct 31, 2020
Height: 199cm Weight: 98kg Position:

2017 Digest:   New co-captain has looked menacing during pre-season series. Not the silliest bet to win the Coleman Medal in 2017.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Bris Played into Andrew's hands by staying deep inside 50. Came into it in second half with three goals. 6
2 GWS Closely checked by Davis, but wasn’t aided by the poor supply coming into attack. 3
3 Haw Missed the opportunity to kick a bag (2.3). Strong hands and good work rate. 7
4 Carl On fire in the second term with four goals and ended with seven for the night. Set the tone for his team. 9
5 Adel Booted two goals to go along with two goal assists. Presented well all night. 7
6 NM Started promisingly but Thompson worked him under the ball and kept his influence within reasonable bunds. 4
7 Geel Kicked 3.5 and probably should have kicked 6 goals. Way ball was coming in he had a picnic. 7
8 Port Blanketed by Jonas and shifted behind the ball to get some confidence. Held scoreless for first time in two years. 3
9   Bye.  
10 Melb Kicked two goals, but never really threatened wearing the No.50. 4
11 WCE Led hard and looked a threat in attack throughout, booting three goals. Took crucial mark in dying stages. 8
12 Haw Ended day with two goals from 10 marks. Did things when they needed to be done in a key role. 7
13 Carl Had one of those nights. The ball just wouldn't sit for him and uncharacteristically fumbled marks. 3
14 StK Playing on Brown he often loomed as a threat to Saints , but had minimal impact on scoreboard. 4
15 NM Got his groove back, booting five goals and taking eight marks. Big presence in attack. 8
16 Syd Needed to have a blinder if the Suns were any shot, (spoiler alert) he didn't. Massive first quarter then nothing. 4
17 Coll Booted 2.2 though his marking was not a feature. Ground work was good though. 5
18 WB Floated between attack and defence due to the wind and took eight marks. Just one goal though. 6
19 Rich Match up with Rance ensured he would earn every possession. Booted three goals and workrate fantastic. 6
20 Frem Booted three goals and never stopped working. 7
21   Knee.  
22   Knee.  
23   Knee.  

2016 Season

1 Ess Constant threat in attack and finished with four goals. 7
2 Frem Best on ground. Kicked five goals as a key target and was the difference. 8
3 Carl Dangerous all night; booted four goals and set up countless others. 9
4 Bris Without him it could have been a massive blow-out. 8
5 NM Double-teamed most of the evening though still booted four goals. 7
6 Geel Two early goals then supply dried up completely and ended night on Hawkins in defence. 4
7 Melb Looked unstoppable when the ball was in his vicinity and booted four goals. 8
8 GWS Two goals from limited chances in attacking 50. 3
9 Adel Could see his frustration at lack of ball; booted two goals and four score assists. 6
10 WCE Classy and strong. Booted two goals despite few opportunities. 6
11 Syd Just did not happen for him and vented frustration by getting reported late. 4
12 Rich Four goals opposed to Rance a solid afternoons work for the key forward. 7
14 Haw Wreaked havoc on Frawley. Grabbed 10 marks, kicked 3.2 and always dangerous. 7
15 StK Played a higher half forward role and relished the space. Took 14 marks. 8
16 Bris Marked everything coming his way in first half and finished with five goals. 8
17 WB Huge presence up forward. 11 marks (four contested) and was rewarded with 3.2. 8
18 Frem Came alive in the second half to finish with four goals. 7
19 Melb Threatened to tear game apart at times but his only two goals came in first half. 8
20 GWS Booted four goals and led the way in attack for the Suns. 7
21 Ess Quieter than normal first half but finally hit the scoreboard in third term. Two goals. 5
22 Coll Missed a sitter in first term but continued to present and gave Brown trouble. 6
23 Port Let himself down with poor conversion after strong marking inside 50. 6

2015 Season

1   Suspended.  
2 StK Couldn’t take a trick early and well held by Fisher. Belated goals in fourth term. 3
3 Geel Three goals and a constant threat for the team roaming inside-50. 7
4 GWS Davis had his measure all night. Goalless. 4
5 Bris Played second fiddle to Dixon and still managed to boot three goals. 6
6 Adel Pushed high up the ground to present all night. 5
7   Calf.  
8 Coll Seemed to be outnumbered at every contest but kept presenting. 6
9 Haw Was a prime factor in Gold Coast’s good start with a couple of goals but faded. 5
10 Syd Swung to defence to stem the tide and played the role well. 7
11 Frem Swung between attack and defence depending on match momentum. 4
13 Carl Ended day with four goals in a fine key forward’s effort. 7
14 NM Quiet game, struggled to get into the contest. 2
15 WB Played a lone hand as a tall target after Dixon’s injury. Kicked 2.3 and marked well. 6
16 GWS Pushed further up the ground, but doesn't look himself. Big work-rate though. 4
17 Adel The Suns’ best forward with four goals. 8
18 WCE Looked the most likely all night and booted four goals, including the last. 8
19 Bris Masterful. The difference between the Suns winning and losing. 9
20 Rich Clearly among the best. Three goals and tireless work-rate ruck and forward. 8
21 Ess Looked dangerous all night but didn't have his goalkicking radar. 7
22 Port Did not have his kicking boots on but work-rate outstanding. 7
23 Syd Had Richards for company and looked dangerous at times in second/third terms. 6

2014 Season

1 Rich Took a couple of strong contested marks and chipped in with two handy goals. 5
2 Frem McPharlin kept him well in check. 2
3 Bris Roamed further up ground than usual, marked well and kicked a late goal. 5
4 Haw Doesn’t mind throwing his weight around, a good sign in young side. 5
5 Melb Troubled McDonald to end with 2.2. Got into dangerous spots. 5
6 GWS Career best five goals and dominated through the air in attack. 8
7 NM A tower of strength in attack. Took eight marks and kicked two goals. 8
9 StK Always posed a threat as a big marking and agile forward. 7
10 WB Stood up after half time to help break the game open. Four goals a great return. 7
11 Adel Held goalless by Talia and struggled all game. 3
12 Syd Looked the most dangerous of the Suns talls without hitting the scoreboard strongly. 5
13 WCE Struggled til last term but ended with three goals. Huge mark put team in front. 4
14 Geel Beaten by Rivers but kept working to grab for a goal from six marks. 4
15 Haw Took more marks than any other Suns player and kicked a couple of goals. 4
16 Coll Took over when Dixon went off to be focal point. Booted two, missed three. 7
17 WB Kicked 2.2 and was dangerous in patches with Roughead following him. 6
18 Bris Presented hard all night and covered plenty of ground. 5
19 StK Too big for Gwilt and four goals was a good effort. 7
20 Carl Moved back after half time and was a lot better. 24 touches and nine grabs. 7
21 Port Started well and was the Suns’ most influential big man – seven marks. 6
22 Ess Super performance highlighted by four goals and eight marks. 7
23 WCE Two early goals then Mackenzie was able to keep him to one in last three terms. 6

2013 Season

1   Ankle.  
2 NEAFL Only played first half. Solid at CHB.
3 NEAFL Kept competing, marvellous given lack of match conditioning.
4 NEAFL Best on ground. Should be elevated this week.
5 GWS Marked strongly and provided one of many tall targets. 5
6 Frem Work-rate good, but it just didn't happen for him. 3
7 Melb Got ball rolling with a strong opening quarter. Always gave a target. 6
8 WB Took several crucial marks and worked hard all night. 6
9 Haw Continued to impress with marking and mobility. 6
10 Geel Couple of nice marks but generally well held by Lonergan. 4
11 NM His marking in the conditions was outstanding and kicked two goals. 7
12 Ess Injured right knee in heavy clash with Melksham. Subbed out. 1
14   Knee.  
15   Knee.  
16   Knee.  
17   Knee.  
18   Knee.  
19   Knee.  
20   Knee.  
21   Knee.  
22   Knee.  
23   Knee.  

2012 Season

1 Adel Not his night tonight. Looked underdone. 2
2 StK Horror night up forward and sent to play on Riewoldt in second half. 3
3 Ess Showed his versatility by playing in defence and was solid. 5
4 Bris Under siege in second half but ok on Merrett. 6
5 NM More evidence he will become an excellent tall marking forward. 6
6 Frem Dispatched to defence when Bock went down and impressed. 6
7 GWS Drifted in and out of the game, certainly not the worst. 4
8 WB Kicked a goal and presented well but slippery conditions made it tough. 4
9 Port Presented well and gave the Port defenders headaches but couldn’t convert. 6
10 Coll Tried to present aggressively at centre half forward but ball rarely delivered. 4
16 NEAFL Huge return from injury with seven goals. Dominant.
17 Bris Got through his return from injury unscathed. 4
18 Syd Used in both attack and defence. Got caught napping at times. 4
19 Melb Struggled to provide a target but got better longer game went – eight marks. 6
20 GWS Used at both ends of the ground, and fed his runners well. 5
21 Haw Bobbed up occasionally. 4
22 Carl Kicked four goals, and played forward, back and in the ruck. Important. 8
23 Adel Pumped the footy inside 50 on five occasions and kicked a goal. 7