#25   Melbourne

Age: 27yr 2mth Games: 127 Born: Sep 18, 2020
Height: 194cm Weight: 101kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Ultra-important structural piece in defence. Has had a strong pre-season and worked hard on decision-making and ball use.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 StK Played a strong game down back and directed operations from defence to thwart St Kilda. 7
2 Carl Took some good marks and saved the day a few times with some timely spoils. Overall, a nice game to build on. 7
3 Geel Hawkins had his measure on a day that wasn’t his. Tried to attack but that’s not his go. 3
4 Frem Dropped marks, spoiled when he should have marked, cleaned bowled by ground balls and gave too much room to opponent. 4
5 Rich Did some excellent things coming out of back half in an attacking sense, but opponent snagged six and was the difference. 5
6 Ess Big ball-winner in defensive half and back to some better form. Took 12 marks and floated forward for a goal. 7
7 Haw “Top bunk” McDonald spent time on variety of opponents. Tried to run and create but did struggle to defend at times. 5
8 Adel Switched to the forward line in the second half and kicked the first two goals of the third term to give Melbourne back the lead. 7
9 NM Started forward but that didn’t work. Why he wasn’t moved to Ben Brown was head-scratching. 6
10 GCS Did nothing in attack, then shifted into the ruck at times and gave a good contest. 4
11   Bye.  
12 Coll Started forward, then had to go back at stages. Even thrown into ruck and did some handy follow-up work. 5
13 WB Vied for best afield honors with a lion-hearted effort in the ruck and pushing forward. 8
14 WCE Superb. Kicked the match winning goal and that was his fifth for the game. 9
15 Syd Kicked an early goal and tried hard, but starved for chances in attack. Spent time up the ground too. 5
16 Carl Played forward and proved to be one of the match-winners with four goals from 10 kicks. 8
17 Adel Just the one goal with Talia his man. Worked hard up the ground, but wasn’t able to have a major influence. 4
18 Port Got the Dees first goal and continued to work hard. Thrown into the ruck when Gawn was off the ground. 6
19 NM Copped an early knock to cheek, but a hard worker in attack. Kicked two goals. 6
20 GWS Copped a knock to the face near half time, but only one touch in opening hour. Competed hard, but not his day. 4
21 StK Used in defence with Frost being out and was good at patrolling space – especially early on. Took some good marks. 7
22 Bris Had his hands full with Hipwood and wasn’t able to provide usual rebound from back half. 3
23 Coll Started on Moore, but also got stuck on Elliott at stages. Turnovers in final term were killers. 3

2016 Season

1 GWS Copped a knock to his shoulder but returned and took some strong marks. Kicking was good. 7
2 Ess Decision-making consistently sub-standard and defensive work on Daniher non-existent. 1
3 NM Much better defensively than last week keeping Petrie relatively quiet. 6
4 Coll Battled Moore and won that battle on the day, although the kid worried him at times in second half. 6
5 Rich Battled Riewoldt at times ands had hands full but kept persisting. Ball use not exactly first class. 4
6 StK Torched by Riewoldt and gave too much latitude. 2
7 GCS Lynch took the honors early but then the supply dried up. 4
8 WB Real problems early on Redpath early and switched up on Stringer as well. Ball use questionable. 5
9 Bris The best of the three tall backs and positioned himself better than in previous weeks. 6
10 Port Big job on Dixon and soundly beaten but wasn’t aided by lack of pressure further afield. 5
11 Haw The better of the brothers but still beaten a few times in defence at the wrong time. 4
12 Coll Battled Cox and kept him to two goals in a reasonable effort. No glaring errors. 6
13 Syd Had Franklin. Off early with leg issue, but returned. Not beaten one on one but Buddy got four. 5
15 Adel Intercepted well, but continues to let himself down with disposal and the options he chooses. 4
16 Frem Stood Pavlich and used ball expertly in first half. Freo skipper ended with three. 7
17 StK Hot and cold form continued in defence. Decision-making at times was average but did kick it OK. 6
18 WCE Kept Kennedy to three goals, but made some very costly skill errors. 5
19 GCS Gave Lynch too much room early and nearly made to pay late for overextending. One howler. 5
20 Haw Did a solid job on Gunston for the most part. No glaring skill errors this week. 5
21 Port Restricted the influence of Dixon and won his fair share of footy. 7
22 Carl Did a decent defensive job on Casboult. One of the few winners. 6
23 Geel Turned the ball over all day and had six kicked on him by Hawkins. 2

2015 Season

1 GCS Near best afield in back half. Backed himself to run off opponent and used ball well. 8
2 GWS Fine performance from start to finish in defence. Beat Cameron despite being under siege. 8
3 Adel Excellent job on Walker despite conceding three goals. 7
4 Rich Riewoldt got a lot of ball, but mostly outside 50. Provided run and intercept marks again. 7
5 Frem Another big effort down back. Took Clarke mostly and provided good rebound. 7
6 Syd Super duel with Franklin. Held him goalless but both players had an impact. 7
7 Haw Heroic in opening half under waves of pressure. Dees’ best again. 7
8 WB Kept Stringer to two goals and attacked when he could from back half. 6
9 Port Had a few different opponents and battled hard. 6
10 Coll Conceded four first-term goals to Cloke and that rocked his confidence. 3
11 StK Another tough outing and seemed to lose confidence with each mistake. 4
12 Geel From chocolates to boiled lollies down back. Cloke mauling looks to have killed mojo. 4
14 WCE Towelled up by Darling. In shocking form – seems to be over-thinking things. 3
15 Ess Could have been hero forward after having his pants pulled down by Daniher. 5
16 Bris Started forward with two goals then returned to defence. Back in form. 7
17 StK Started forward and got some confidence up then went to defence. 4
18 Coll Totally blanketed Moore and shut down a lot of attacks. 7
19 NM Got on top of Petrie in another solid defensive display. 7
20 WB Made some blues but was the only Demon to play with positivity all afternoon. 7
21 Carl Melbourne’s best in disgraceful first half. Battled his heart out. 7
22 Frem Rotated opponents. Had Pavlich at times. Did OK. 5
23 GWS Stood Cameron and had the better of the matchup. Ended season like he started. 7

2014 Season

1 StK As usual matched up on Riewoldt but corked leg early and couldn’t stay with him. 4
2 WCE Tried hard down back carrying a corked thigh. Not the worst. 6
3 GWS Stuck to his guns on Cameron and kept him within reasonable limits. 5
4 Carl Beat Henderson for three quarters and superb all day. 8
5 GCS Had his hands full in defence with Lynch and Day. Used speed to break lines at times. 4
6 Syd Held Buddy until he was subbed. Decision-making and skills still a concern. 6
7 Adel Came out even with his opponent Podsiadly. 5
8 WB Led to the ball by Jones a few times but improved by hand and foot. 5
9 Rich Bit off more than he could chew a couple of times but had a crack. 4
11 Port Defended stoutly opposed to Westhoff after a slow start. 6
12 Coll Allowed opponents room to lead up and made some bad errors with ball in hand. 4
13 Ess Kept Daniher to just one goal and found a way to get a fist in. Key involvements late. 6
14 NM Petrie had the better of him on the lead and was haphazard exiting defence. 4
15   Calf.  
16 Frem Got a lot of ball on Mayne down back. Clearly the Dees best. 7
17 Geel Battled Kersten and OK on him. Only four effective disposals indicates impact. 3
18 Port Played higher up field than normal and showed another side to his game. 6
19 Bris Got fist in down back but like others eventually caved under weight of Lions’ ball. 4
20 Haw Had a turn on Roughead and was beaten. Kicking is a huge worry. 4
21 GWS A calamity waiting to happen with ball in hand. Confidence dropped as day wore on. 4
22 WCE Darling kicked three first term goals on him. Lacking confidence. 3
23 NM Kicked first two goals of league career, but wasn’t as tight down back as normal. 5

2013 Season

1 PM Got through OK on return from ankle injury.
2 Ess Lacks AFL standard kicking, decision-making and awareness skills. Struggled. 2
3 WCE Won plenty of the footy but disposal a worry. Found Darling a real handful. 5
4 GWS O’hAilpin caused him all sorts of troubles in opening three quarters. 4
5 Bris All at sea again down back. Lacks the smarts right now at this level. 3
6 Carl Made a few howlers. Has to learn to play within his limitations. Might need a rest. 2
7   Shoulder.  
8   Shoulder.  
9   Shoulder.  
10   Shoulder.  
11 Coll Had Lynch at times and OK. Something to work with but need to polish skills. 4
13 StK Again did a good job on Riewoldt but couldn’t quell him completely. 6
14 WB Sensational performance at centre half back. Displayed cool head. 8
15 Syd Did some good things but found Tippett a handful when on him late. 5
16 Geel Found Podsiadly a handful at times but a great learning experience. 5
17 Bris Did a good job on Lisle and provided more rebound than in past weeks. 6
18 NM Battled hard against a sea of numbers. Not disgraced. 6
19 GWS Had the big job on Cameron and stuck to it well, but the Giant still kicked four. 5
20 GCS Parked in defence on Dixon for most of night. No great impression on game. 3
21 Frem Had Pavlich’s measure until leaving the field. Returned later when Pav had his tail up. 6
22 Adel Had the unenviable task of playing on Thompson and came off second. 5
23 WB Eye-catching display from star of future. Not afraid to dash out of last line. 7

2012 Season

1 VFL Kicked three goals and shone for Casey.
2 WCE Overcame early errors with disposal to show his dogged attitude. 5
3 Rich Young defender certainly wasn’t the worst. Great learning experience. 4
4 WB Couple of defensive errors by the kid. 4
5 StK Surprise match-up on Riewoldt; did great job for all but closing stages. 7
6 Geel Had Brown’s measure and was a solid defender all afternoon. 7
7 Haw Showed a few good signs at times down back. 4
8 Syd Hands full with a series of opponents, but nowhere near Demons’ worst. 4
9 Carl Youngster did some good things and was handy. Dees might have found one. 6
10 Ess Claimed another big scalp in Hurley. 6
11 Coll OK defensively and will learn plenty from playing in a big game. 4
13 GWS Had Patton covered and tried hard to run off – disposal a concern. 6
14 Bris Injured in a clash with Merrett and was subbed out. 1
16 Frem Superb first half helped side to a lead. Petered out a little but played OK. 6
17 Port Read play well in defence and wasn’t afraid to leave his man. 6
18 NM His development is one of the positives to come from the Demons’ season. 6
19 GCS Developing well. Solid effort but skills are among the worst in the comp. 6
20 StK Continues to impress in defence. Job made easier by Riewoldt’s exit. 6
21 GWS Coach Neeld was keen on one-percenters and he had six of them. 5
22 Adel Had the job early on Tippett and handled him okay. 4
23 Frem Did well. Took marks and set up play from defence. 6