#3   Hawthorn

Age: 26yr 6mth Games: 87 Born: May 31, 2021
Height: 182cm Weight: 84kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Gone over and above to impress new teammates. Looked sharp in second JLT match.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Ess Continued ball-magnet ways in new guernsey with 37 touches and also laid four tackles. Superb start to life at his new club. 8
2 Adel Racked up stats in the middle. Of his 38 disposals 28 of them were handpasses. Six tackles and six inside-50s. 8
3 GCS One of few Hawks who gave his all. Gathered 27 possessions and booted a goal. 7
4 Geel Busy as a one-armed paperboy to grab 32 touches. Did seem gun-shy in terms of having shots for goal. 7
5 WCE Ball magnet but most of work done by hand in close. Doesn’t hurt opposition as much as he could, but good effort. 8
6 StK Got Hawk’s first major and industrious around the ball but never really hurt St Kilda with his touches. 6
7 Melb Racked up possessions (31- 20 effective); 16 contested possessions, six clearances and laid 12 tackles. 7
8 Bris 23 of his 36 disposals were uncontested. Showed an ability to control the outside to complement terrific inside work. 8
9 Coll Extremely convincing impersonation of Sam Mitchell and his customary demolition of Collingwood. Club record 50 disposals. 10
10 Syd Didn’t get leather poisoning like last week, but ability to get hands on ball in tight early was important. 7
11 Port Racked up stats (30 disposals) but impact in terms of hurting Power was down given a lack of support around him. 7
12 GCS Won plenty of the ball (39 disposals) but influence not as pronounced as numbers suggest. Seven tackles, six clearances. 7
13   Bye.  
14 Adel Game high 38 possessions including six clearances, five tackles, 18 contested possessions and a goal. 8
15 Coll Had more touches than a blind man reading braille; 35 disposals, seven clearances, eight score involvements and two goals. 9
16 GWS 12th game in a row with 30+ disposals. Ended with 39 but did tire late when GWS midfield got on top. Turned the ball over a bit. 8
17 Geel He had it 19 times in first quarter en route to 42 for the game. Added nine clearances, two goals and four inside-50s. 9
18 Frem Had 37 disposals and generally ran amok. 8
19 Syd Copped an early knock but was colossal with 24 disposals and 7 tackles against his old outfit. 8
20 Rich Collected more balls than an Australian Open ball boy and distribution equally as proficient. Why don’t teams tag him? 8
21 NM Led all-comers with 35 disposals and six clearances, but not at his damaging best. Still quality numbers though. 7
22 Carl Had the ball string. A big reason why the Hawks stayed in the game. He just couldn’t be stopped. Massive. 9
23 WB Busy as a one-toothed man in a corn-on-the-cob eating contest in the second half. Quietly racked up 32 disposals. 7

2016 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 Coll Added a goalkicking element (three goals) to his accumulating style in midfield (30 touches). 8
2 Carl Nine tackles and 34 touches was a career high. Worked hard all day. 9
3 GWS Continues to find the footy and was dangerous inside 50. 6
4 Adel Won his fair share of the footy but did not impact the game overly. 6
5 WCE Strong third quarter which was important to eventual result. 6
6 Bris Came off the bench to be the perfect link man. 7
7 Ess Got into the right spots and collected 37 possessions. 6
8 Rich Worked into the game after a slow start but not normal self around the stoppages. 5
9 Haw Tracked namesake Mitchell every step of the way and made a difference. 8
10 NM Mammoth night with 41 possessions – most of them by hand – and kicked a goal. Best afield. 9
11 GCS Shadowed Ablett and was an attacking option himself, with 14 tackles also. 9
12 GWS Shut down Shiel in first half and helped defenders out with five rebound-50s. 7
13 Melb Opened up at half forward then went into midfield. Steady without starring. 6
15 WB OK in middle without racking up huge stats. 5
16 Geel Often opposed to Dangerfield; grabbed 21 contested possessions and six clearances. 7
17 Haw Won plenty of the pill as the in and under option – 26 handballs, six tackles. 7
18 Carl Didn’t hurt Blues when he got it, managing just two kicks. 5
19 Frem Kicked three goals in one quarter. 7
20 Port Continues to find the ball at will. Another 32 possessions and a goal. Price tag rising. 7
21 StK Down on his usual prolific output. 5
22 NM Solid outing in the midfield. Five of his six clearances were out of the centre. 7
23 Rich Ball magnet did a lot of superb work in tight and laid a game-high seven tackles. 7
QF GWS Numbers will look OK, but had very little impact on the flow of the game. 5
SF Adel Played part without starring in midfield battle despite ending with good numbers. 6
PF Geel Plenty of touches early. Good decision maker and inside work hurt Cats. 7
GF WB Likely last game for club ended with 13 tackles and two goals. Massive second term. 7

2015 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

2 NEAFL One of the Swans’ best in Round 1 win. 28 touches.
3 NEAFL One of just a few Swans’ to hold head high.
4 NEAFL Won a truckload of ball (40 disp.) but also tackled strongly.
5 WB Conditions suited his style. Bored in and was tough around the ball. 7
6 Melb Has a happy knack of winning the footy. Not all hurt but workrate first class. 7
7 Geel Superb in middle. Five clearances, seven inside-50s, three goals. 8
8 Haw Worked hard but lots of scrappy possessions. Still managed to play a role. 6
9 Carl Just an old-fashioned ball magnet. Used the ball with care when he got it. 7
10 GCS Relished the heavy conditions and accumulated 33 possessions. 7
11 NM Plugged away in middle in typical fashion. Not a huge influence. 6
13 Rich Couldn’t get hands on ball and was subbed out in final term. 3
14 Port Spent long periods running with Boak and did that job effectively. Key to win. 7
15 Bris Even performance highlighted by six clearances and 13 contested possessions. 7
16 Haw Went to Hawk namesake at times but failed to impact the game offensively. 5
17 WCE Sub. Quickly racked up 10 disposals but game was gone by then. 2
18 Adel Dictated terms all through and only Hannebery was better value. 8
19 Geel Tried to tag Selwood but outclassed. Moved late and battled hard. 5
20 Coll Prolific ball winner from go to whoa and always hit targets. 9
21   Eye.  
22 StK Everywhere and did the lot with a couple of goals thrown in. 9
23 GCS So quietly went about amassing plenty of touches. Six clearances. 7
QF Frem Made mistakes but battled hard. Six inside-50s and five tackles. 6
SF NM Numbers well down. Only two clearances and one inside-50 not enough. 4

2014 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1 GWS Busy and industrious game. 7
2 Coll He is settling into his midfield role and improving each week. 5
3 Adel Kicked a beautiful left-foot snap in the third term to halt Crow revival. 4
4 NM Finished second in a match-up with fellow young gun McDonald. 5
5   Ankle.  
6 NEAFL Sydney’s best, pushing for a senior recall.
7 NEAFL Bye.
8 NEAFL Did some good things, had 20 touches.
9 NEAFL Had an amazing 64 possessions and kicked four goals. WOW!
10 NEAFL Bye.
11 NEAFL Not quite the 64-touch game of last week, did OK.
12 NEAFL 23 touches but limped off with ankle injury in third term.
13   Ankle.  
14   Ankle.  
15 NEAFL A little down, with 20 disposals.
16 NEAFL Won a lot of the football, didn’t get on the outside though.
17   Knee.  
18 NEAFL Knee.
19   Knee.  
20 NEAFL Very good through the midfield on return from injury.
21 NEAFL 28 touches in an outstanding midfield showing.
22 WB Back in team at right time of year and won plenty of hard footy. Hands were good. 7
23 Rich In just his second game since Round 4 was brilliant and relentless. 8
QF NEAFL Stiff to be dropped and showed class with a best afield display.
SF NEAFL Second best on ground in a row as he racked up 30 touches.
PF   Senior emergency.  

2013 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

1   Hamstring.  
2 NEAFL Only played a half but won plenty of ball.
3 NEAFL Came on in second term and stood out in midfield.
4 NEAFL Struggled to break free in midfield. Uncharacteristically quiet.
5 NEAFL Bye.
6 NEAFL Ran with Black in a great learning experience. Did well.
7 NEAFL Huge early and was a driving force in the midfield.
8 NEAFL Outstanding effort. In everything with a massive 52 touches.
9 NEAFL 50+ possessions again. Banging down the door for a debut.
10 Ess Sub got his chance from second quarter and slotted in immediately to midfield. 6
11 Adel Calmly went about the business in his second game and again looked the goods. 7
13 Port After two impressive displays crashed back to earth with an ordinary game. 5
14 Carl Another good outing in heavy conditions. Kicked a steadying goal in the final term. 6
15 Melb Really solid again – 10 cont poss, three inside-50s and a goal in a pleasing display. 7
16 GWS Worked into the game and ended with three well-taken goals. Played his part. 7
17 WCE A few skill errors but provided drive with six inside 50s. 5
18 Rich Has slotted in to play leading part in midfield with aplomb. 7
19 WB Slow start but picked up in second term. Picken kept tight rein for most of game. 4
20 Coll Guilty of some poor decisions on an off night for the young gun. 4
21   Rested.  
22 Geel Missed three chances for goal in the third term. Battled well given scoreline against. 6
23 Haw OK at times without starring. 5
QF Haw OK in first half but wasted nervous shots at goal. Rarely seen after half time. 4
SF Carl After a bright start injured ankle late in first term and his night was over. 1

2012 Season

Played for : Sydney Swans

6 NEAFL First game for the year and only played a half.
7 NEAFL Battled hard in heavy going. Fair.
8 NEAFL Had 35 possessions and was a star at the stoppages.
10 NEAFL Good effort, enjoyed a great battle with O’Meara.
13 NEAFL Only played the second half but had an impact.
14 NEAFL Came on for Cunningham and was involved straight away.
15 NEAFL Used on a wing and swept across defence. OK.
17 NEAFL Had the ball on a string in midfield. Great showing.