Age: 33yr 5mth Games: 113 Born: Mar 19, 2021
Height: 190cm Weight: 87kg Position: DEF
Dream Team Profile

2014 Digest:   Brought to the club a few years ago to provide some experience and stability down back and has been serviceable in that role without setting the world on fire.

2014 NAB Cup:   Didn’t see a great deal of game time against the Lions.

2014 Season

Played for : Gold Coast

1 PM Combined well with Kolodjashnij and Thompson in defence.
2 NEAFL Locked down well and made it difficult for his multiple opponents.
3 NEAFL Not his best night at half back.
4 NEAFL Outstanding game. Held opponent to just one goal for the game.
5 NEAFL Arguably the Suns best player in huge loss.
6 NEAFL Rarely beaten one-on-one down back.
7   Senior emergency.  
8 NEAFL Bye.
9   Senior emergency.  
10 NEAFL Really solid game in defence in a team that was smashed.
11 NEAFL Really good and in the one-on-one battles he was rarely beaten.
12 NEAFL Outstanding again and set up a lot of counter-attacks.
13   Senior emergency.  
14 NEAFL Bye.
15 NEAFL Held down a key post defensively before going forward late.
16 NEAFL Began forward and gave a target before steadying ship in defence.
17 WB Tried hard opposed to Stringer (two goals), but knee might be looked at by MRP. 5
18   Suspended.  
19 NEAFL Was again good in defence. Took 10 marks.
20 NEAFL Started forward but contributed well once moved back.
21 NEAFL Started off really well with a couple of early goals.
22 NEAFL Bye.

2013 Season

Played for : Gold Coast

1 StK Experience was handy down back. 5
2 Syd Adding some much needed experience, did plenty of grunt work across the ground. 6
3   Shoulder.  
4 Port Needs to have more presence as a senior player in an inexperienced defence. 3
5 GWS On Tomlinson. Tried hard but pace deficiency showed at times. 5
6 Frem Couple of glaring errors, but generally quite serviceable in defence. 5
7 Melb Provided a calming influence in defence. Concussed late in head clash. 6
8   Concussion.  
9 Haw Matched on Grimley and other resting talls. 4
10 Geel Had a variety of opponents and did well until floodgates opened late. 5
11 NM Made a couple of early errors but recovered well to be a valuable contributor. 7
12 Ess Early leg injury hampered his movement. Battled on gamely. 4
14 Adel Got caught out in the air in defence and it wasn't his day. 3
15 Bris Sluggish first half but going towards the end. 5
16 Rich OK down back. Reported for clash with Petterd in final term. 5
17   Senior emergency.  
18 NEAFL Played on smalls and talls down back. Impressive return.
19 NEAFL Bye.
20 Melb Late inclusion started OK then tapered. 4
21 Port As an experienced player needs to do more out in the middle. 4
22 StK Got a bit of the ball but was working against the tide. 5
23 GWS Did what was required of him and kept opponent quiet. 5

2012 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

2 VFL Poor outing across half back. Down on confidence.
3 VFL Better effort at half back. Composed under pressure.
4 VFL OK across half back but still made a few bad errors.
5 VFL Solid game but did nothing to warrant a recall.
6 VFL One of his better game across half back.
7 VFL Defended well at times but was beaten a fair bit.
8 VFL Did well across half back and deep in defence.
11 VFL Controlled the back half and provided leadership.
12 Bris Did some good defensive work early in first game for year. 4
14 VFL Controlled the back half and showed good composure.
15 GWS Solid in his second game of the season and even kicked a rare goal. 5
16 WB Quiet on stats sheet but defensively he held up well. 4
17 Coll Kicked a rare goal and loved it. Did what he had to although efficiency down. 5
18 VFL Quiet sort of a day at half back.
19 VFL OK at times down back but they were under siege.
20 VFL Pretty good outing in the Hawks back half.
22 VFL Composed effort at half back. One of the best.
23 VFL Composed effort again in the backline. Smart game.
QF Coll Conceded four goals to Krakouer and looked nervous. Does he hold spot? 3
PF Adel Late inclusion for Hodge who was caught out in defence on occasions. 3