#9   GWS Giants

Age: 28yr 6mth Games: 152 Born: May 15, 2021
Height: 181cm Weight: 79kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Rested from JLT opener but involved in last weekend’s soaked hit-out against Sydney. Super fit athlete.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Adel Worked tirelessly to keep his team in the game, set for a massive year. 7
2 GCS Tagged by Sexton and although he ran plenty of kilometres, didn’t get his hands on the ball as much as usual. 4
3 NM Quiet early but came into his own as the game opened up in second half. 6
4 Port Again a big ball winner on the outside, but also had seven clearances. Gets better the longer the game runs. 8
5 Syd Running power and superb delivery of the ball by hand and foot was flawless. 9
6 WB Ran like a frightened farmer all night to gather 23 disposals. Better first half than second but certainly played his part. 7
7 StK Played Toby Greene role as high half forward and was Giants’ best with 30 disposals and two goals. 8
8 Coll Solid effort on the stats sheet with 26 touches, 5 clearances and 5 marks. 7
9 Rich Not as prominent as he has been but a solid worker throughout. 6
10   Knee.  
11 Ess Not big numbers on the outside, but big impact pressing forward with three goals. 7
12 Carl Tagged by Ed Curnow and while he grabbed 25 disposals only 15 of those were effective. No goals and three inside-50s. 6
13   Bye.  
14 Bris Came off bench to have a real impact off a wing. His foot speed was weapon. 7
15 Geel Ran hard to create but not as damaging as he can be. Only half of his 26 touches hit the target. 5
16 Haw Kenyan marathon runners would struggle to keep up with the former Demon. A lot of it is unrewarded but creates space for others. 6
17 Syd Industrious and kicked a great second quarter goal. 28 disposals and six inside 50s 7
18 Rich Running wingman was one of few Giants to find some space and look dangerous; 21 disposals and five tackles. 7
19 Frem Made up for his quiet first three terms with a massive final term. 9 last quarter possessions and some match winning moments. 6
20 Melb First-term ‘leg break’ goal was a sign of things to come. Always the hardest runner on the spread and tackled well. 7
21 WB Ran hard off a wing but didn’t win huge amounts of the ball. Linked at times which was handy. 5
22 WCE Hardest running player in the league. Not his most proficient but always got to dangerous spots. 6
23 Geel Wingman teased at times but the fact he only had three kicks was telling. Disappointing. 3
QF Adel Giants running machine had all pistons pumping and was among the few GWS players to at least break even. 7
SF WCE Big rundown tackle early in 150th game helped set the tone for the night. Rarely came to the bench for a rest. 6
PF Rich Tried hard to link from a wing and was one of the better Giants on the night. 7

2016 Season

1 Melb Huge first and last quarters were impressive. Five inside-50s and a goal. 7
2 Geel Brilliant linking off his wing. Eight inside-50s, a goal and some tireless running all day. 8
3 Syd Another good outing with 29 disposals and six tackles. Cannot question his work-rate. 6
4 Port Didn’t waste any of his 21 disposals and got more involved as the game went on. 5
5 StK A running machine from start to finish. Kicking wasn’t always perfect but a good outing nonetheless. 7
6 Haw Continued good start to season with hard running and importantly hit scoreboard with three goals. 7
7 Frem A tireless worker whose 24 possessions and one goal were vital to the win. 7
8 GCS Solid contributor across the midfield – two goals and six tackles. 5
9 WB Hard-working midfielder produced another consistent display. 5
10 Adel Two goals in the last term, should have been three if not for the review system. 7
11 Geel Threatened to wreak havoc with at times but not consistent. Two goals and three inside-50s. 6
12 Syd Faded after a promising start. Pressure good with six tackles. 5
13 Ess Teased at times with run off a wing but not his best game. Six inside-50s. 6
14 Carl Continued impressive year with a strong four-quarter performance. 6
16 Coll Kept running hard all day off his wing. 6
17 Bris Used off a wing and also across half forward. Saw off a couple of opponents. 7
18 Port His run and carry electrifying once the Giants midfield took control. 8
19 Rich Run and carry through the midfield was outstanding. Seven inside-50s, two goals. 8
20 GCS Covered plenty of ground to gain his 28 possessions and applied six tackles. 8
21 WCE Unusually quiet early but sprung to life in third term. Hit the scoreboard again with one goal. 6
22 Frem Ran hard and was a consistent link through the centre of the ground. 7
23 NM Ran off a wing to contribute again. Made a few errors, but otherwise a handy night. 7
QF Syd Not a big game stats-wise but valuable as a midfield component and chimed with two goals. 6
PF WB Ran hard throughout and won plenty of the ball. Always a threat off a wing. 8

2015 Season

1 StK OK but you always expect more. Coach did because he subbed him out late. 4
2 Melb Provided good link from defence to attack with run through midfield. 6
3 Syd Best game of the season highlight by 12 marks and six inside-50s. 7
4 GCS Getting back to the form which made him a prime target as a junior and Dee. 28 touches. 7
5 WCE Ran hard to provide an option. Not influential but at least he moved. 6
6 Haw Impressive display in the midfield with 10 CPs and six tackles. 6
7 Carl Hit the scoreboard with two goals and broke the lines well. 6
8 Adel Quietly going about his business in midfield. Line-breaking run important. 7
9 WB On wing at start on Dale. Serviceable. 5
10 Bris Battled hard opposed to Taylor who got a bit of the ball. Steady effort. 6
11 Coll At times ran with Sidebottom. Worked hard and was a solid contributor. 6
12   Ill.  
13   Ill.  
14 Rich Played a solid role throughout and work-rate troubled the Tigers. 7
15 StK Winger had good tussle with Newnes. 7
16 GCS Plenty of unrewarded running as he traipsed all over the ground. 7
17 Geel Running a feature of his effort that featured five clearances and five tackles. 7
18 Frem Given close attention by Freo. Held to 13 disposals. 4
19 Ess Poor first half then subbed out after knock to shoulder in third term. 2
20   Shoulder.  
21   Shoulder.  
22   Shoulder.  
23   Shoulder.  

2014 Season

1 Syd Good pressure inside and shone when the whips were cracking. 6
2 StK Won a lot of the footy. 6
3 Melb Frustrated early by close checking of ex-teammates. Ended up having quiet day. 5
4 WB Got a bit of the ball roaming through midfield and at half forward. OK. 6
5 Adel Not enough output and goes missing for long periods of time. 5
6 GCS Had no answers to stop Ablett but at least tried to win the footy. 4
7 Port Struggling for possessions, did manage to keep Ebert quiet. 5
8 WCE Even duel with Masten but lacks hurt-factor with ball in hand. 5
10 Rich Played on Conca and had an even duel but the Tiger was more damaging. 5
11 Haw Handy but lacks size to break tackles and decision making questionable. 6
12 Ess Went to Stanton and they probably squared the duel. 5
13 Bris Played the sort of positive and creative game he was recruited for. 7
14   Hamstring.  
15   Hamstring.  
16 Adel Matched on Sloane and virtually invisible. 3
17 Frem Team-high four inside-50s but just doesn’t do enough. 4
18 Geel Found space through the middle as a link player and played that role well. 7
19   Knee.  
20   Knee.  
21   Knee.  
22   Knee.  
23   Knee.  

2013 Season

1 Syd Lifted his rating after the main break but had to after offering little early. 3
2 Port Very quiet and had minimal influence. Gave away five frees. 3
3 StK Played as a negating forward on Geary, which seemed a strange move. 3
4 Melb Running machine against his old club. His best performance as a Giant. 7
5 GCS Tracked Ablett then Brennan. Played OK. 5
6 Ess Ran riot early with two goals but quiet after the main break. Getting better. 6
7 Adel Tagged Sloane and did the job his coach demanded 6
8 Haw Had a good share of the ball. Mainly used handball. 5
9 WCE In a team struggling to compete he is showing some leadership. 6
10 Carl Bullied early by Curnow when the heat was on. Found some ball late. 5
11 Geel Two goals and tackling good but not enough of the footy. 4
12 Port Ran himself into the ground to lead the way for his young Giants teammates. 7
14 NM Won lots of footy out of back half. No clearances and only five contested poss. 6
15 WB Started off half back before drifting forward in another good performance. 7
16 Syd Subbed off just half way through the first term after a heavy knock. 1
17   Concussion.  
18 Coll Ran hard, but didn’t get a lot of the ball. Kicked a classy goal on the run in third term. 5
19 Melb Ran himself to a standstill against former club. A catalyst for the win. 7
20 Frem Crowley shut him out effectively and rarely had any space to work in. 5
21 Bris Tagged by Raines. Finished with an acceptable but not brilliant 16 touches. 5
22 Rich Ran hard all day and one of the few Giants to at least break even. 6
23 GCS Didn't really handle being tagged out of the match by Rischitelli. 4

2012 Season

2 NM Stats of 25 touches belied actual impact. 4
3 WCE Good battle with Gaff. Finished with 30 touches but turned a few over. 7
4 Adel Getting better with each game, 23 disposals including four inside 50s. 7
5 WB Needs more penetration with his disposal. 4
6 Carl Struggled. Heat sure to come with more performances like that. 3
7 GCS His last quarter at stoppages got his team going, finished with six clearances. 7
8 Bris Found Raines a bit hard to shrug. 5
9 Ess Has improved enormously in recent weeks and proving a midfield leader. 7
10 Geel Used the ball pretty well, had two goal assists and seven tackles. Tried hard. 6
12 Rich Battled hard for 12 contested possessions and four tackles. 6
13 Melb Had eighteen bumps three minutes into game. Started well then faded badly. 5
14 Syd He pulled off eight tackles, but couldn’t get his hands on the ball. 4
16 Adel Started on Van Berlo and was never able to get his teeth into the game. 3
17 Frem Struggled to get the ball but laid a game high seven tackles. 4
18 Coll Started the match on Pendlebury and had a reasonable day. 6
19 Port Cut a frustrated figure throughout the game. Not his best effort this year. 3
20 GCS One of his better performances of the season. 7
21 Melb Sixteen touches and a goal, but many quiet patches. 4
23 NM Put in a decent performance in his 50th AFL match. 5