Age: 29yr 0mth Games: 31 Born: Aug 07, 2020
Height: 191cm Weight: 92kg Position: DEF/FWD
Dream Team Profile

2015 Digest:   Had one game early in 2014 then four mainly in attack as defensive forward to keep ball in the zone. Then spent the last two months in the VFL team. His running power limited him, but his recent 2km time trial improved by a whopping 50 seconds.

2015 NAB Cup:   Release operation meant that he had interrupted pre-season but has just rejoined full training.

2015 Season

Played for : St Kilda

3 VFL Just eight touches down back. Quiet start.
4 VFL 13 touches in defence but wasn’t a factor.
5 VFL Brave at times in back half.
6 VFL Did his bit. Looks a long way off a senior recall though.
7 VFL Played his role down back with minimal fuss.
8 VFL Among Zebras’ better players in loss to Box Hill.
9 VFL Did his bit in defence.
10 VFL Not a big factor down back but competed well.
11   Rested.  
12 VFL Bye.
13 VFL Defended fairly well but still can be lazy when kicking the ball.
14 VFL Didn’t get a lot of ball in defence but tried hard.
15 VFL Battled hard in defence in conditions that suited.
16 VFL Strong at the contest in defence and didn’t give an inch.
17   Rested.  
18 VFL Bye.
19   Suspended.  
20 VFL Steady down back with 19 touches on return.
21 VFL Ran through midfield and used physicality to advantage.
22 VFL Did his bit in big final-round win.
23 VFL Good at stages in Zebs’ revival. Kicked a goal.

2014 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 PM Competed strongly in defence. Didn’t give an inch.
2 PM In best players playing in defence.
3 VFL Defended strongly on Lourey all day.
4 VFL Solid defensive game on Schoenmakers.
5   Senior emergency.  
6 VFL Defended strongly again.
7 Haw Tough and courageous but overwhelmed. 4
8 VFL Struggled down back. Made some poor errors.
9 VFL Copped a heavy knock which limited his impact.
10 VFL Bye.
11 VFL Bye.
12 Port Showed huge courage to come back after heavy hit. Went to attack. 4
13 Geel Again mostly used in attack to apply pressure and keep ball in zone. 4
14 WCE Tough nut bagged a couple of goals as well as keeping ball in. Hurt shoulder. 4
15 Rich Played up forward to keep ball in. Nice goal but subbed off in third. 3
16 VFL Played forward and worked hard but was then frozen out.
17 VFL 14 touches down back but Dolphin forward were a handful.
18 VFL Competed hard and overcame heavy knock to run out game.
19 VFL Had hands full at times down back but battled on.
20 VFL Defended well and even pushed forward for a goal.
21 VFL Good down back and pressed forward for another goal.
22 VFL Battled hard in defence but like teammates, struggled late.
23 VFL Beat retiring Lynch in Zebras’ defence. Uncompromising effort.
QF VFL Sandy’s best in defence. Stood tall under pressure.

2013 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1   Leg.  
2 VFL Started loose but then went to Edwards who got the better of him.
3 VFL Solid in defence. Not fair off.
4 Ess Gumbleton was too tall for him to counter and he struggled., 3
5 VFL Struggled a little bit on Warren but battled hard.
6 VFL Undersized down back but can’t question his effort.
7 VFL Bye.
8   Quad.  
9   Quad.  
10 VFL Had a great battle with Hogan and more than held his own.
11 VFL OK down back but was under pressure for much of the day.
12 VFL Played up forward and gave a good leading target.
13 Melb Returned to defence and spoiled strongly. 5
14   Suspended.  
15   Suspended.  
16 VFL Back to his 2012 form down back. Spoilt well.
17 Port Got on top of Butcher after a bad start. 5
18 Geel Couldn’t match Podsiadly and Hawkins. Horror night given weight of ball against. 3
19 Bris On Staker then Merrett and worked hard. 5
20   Leg.  
21   Leg.  
22   Leg.  

2012 Season

Played for : St Kilda

1 VFL Fairly good job in defence.
2 GCS Worked hard at spoiling opposition forwards. 5
3 WB Very strong in contests especially with bigger opponents like Cordy. 6
4 Frem Good spoiling job down back. 5
5 Melb Lined up on Howe and had a difficult night. 4
6 Haw Stuck to tough task under pressure. Promising signs from seventh gamer. 6
7 Carl Solid defender with good closing speed. 6
8 WCE Overwhelmed by Eagles’ height but battled hard. 5
9 Syd Good closing speed and excellent workrate down back. 6
10 Rich Couldn’t counter the taller and stronger Riewoldt. 3
11 GCS Not really pressured in the backline. 4
14 VFL Beat Dean Galea down back and provided some drive.
15 Ess Fearless with good closing speed. Worked well. 6
16 Bris Strong negating game. 5
17 Syd Picked up the resting tall. Had a few problems but spoiled strongly. 4
18 WB Never gave Jones a sniff. 6
19 Coll Started on Goldsack and never took a backward step. 5
20 Melb Spoiled and defended strongly 6
21 Geel Tried hard down back but had an uphill battle. 5
22 GWS Wasn’t troubled in defence. 6
23 Carl On Mitchell and broke even. 4