#9   Richmond

Age: 29yr 7mth Games: 199 Born: Apr 07, 2021
Height: 185cm Weight: 85kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Enjoyed a trouble-free pre-season after being awarded the 2012 Brownlow. If he can get back to his best, Richmond will jump up the ladder.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Carl Stats not huge but eight clearances, eight tackles and five inside-50s had an impact on the contest. 7
2 Coll Tigers’ leading disposal winner (26) and topped hard-edged game with two goals. 7
3 WCE Another great captain’s performance with 34 touches and 19 contested possessions. Led in second half 9
4 Bris Classy four quarter effort and outpointed his initial opponent Rockliff despite having fewer touches.. 8
5 Melb Took a long time to get rolling, but came to the fore in the final term when his team needed him the most. 6
6 Adel Richmond’s best player with six clearances, six inside-50’s and nine tackles. 7
7 WB Quiet first half but lifted in third quarter with better output. 6
8 Frem Tagged by Blakely and while he won plenty of the pill (25 disposals) wasn’t a huge factor until final term when provided a lift. 7
9 GWS Kicked first goal before coaches had reached the box. Ended with 26 touches and two goals. Tried his guts out. 8
10 Ess Skipper was superb as a driver in the midfield. Won the footy and was dangerous and creative with it. Lifted late as well. 9
11 NM Has played better games but when something needed to be done he did it. Third term helped set the side on the road to victory. 8
12   Bye.  
13 Syd Ended with 28 touches, but numbers belied overall impact on the game in midfield. 6
14 Carl Opposed to Cripps at stoppages and the Blue won that battle convincingly. Just 17 touches, one clearance. 5
15 Port Well held by Brad Ebert but managed to even up the goal ledger with one in the third term. 5
16 StK Began getting frustrated very early in match with foolish hit on Lonie. Poor night. 3
17 Bris Very good early on, then a bit quiet through middle terms. Came to the fore again in final quarter. Good game from the skipper. 7
18 GWS Skipper put his head in the hole enough to be a factor. Not clean given conditions but was able to scrap his way to 27 disposals. 7
19 GCS Reasonable night for the skipper without starring. Booted a goal from his 25 possessions. 7
20 Haw Didn’t star but provided similar support that David Schwarz did for Justin Koschitzke when he fainted; 22 disposals. 6
21 Geel Not a big afternoon for the skipper. Found it 20 times but just couldn’t get going. Had little impact except for a nice third term snap. 5
22 Frem Tagged by Sutcliffe and had only 18 disposals. 5
23 StK Skipper was massive around the ball. Eight clearances, five inside-50s and 13 contested possessions. 8
QF Geel Skipper worked hard in and under and ended the night with goal of the year; 20 disposals and seven clearances. 7
PF GWS Threw himself at every contest – including one that collected Shiel. Fierce mentality flowed through the team. 8
GF Adel Skipper was tagged by Knight early and was quiet. Threw himself at every contest like it was his last but stats modest. 6

2016 Season

1 Carl Sweated on by Blues and was quiet early. Lifted a touch but still didn’t have a great night. 5
2 Coll Won plenty of ball but didn’t always hurt the Pies like we know he can. 23 touches in second half. 6
3 Adel One of the few Tigers to stand tall all day. 32 touches and six clearances a good return. 7
4 WCE Never stopped trying. Had 16 contested possessions, a game high. 7
5 Melb Tried hard to lift team with 10 clearances but a lot of his disposals wasted. 6
6 Port Just eight touches to half time and unable to assert typical influence when required. 4
7   Cheekbone.  
8   Cheekbone.  
9 Frem Superb in his return from injury with 39 disposals. 9
10 Ess Got dangerous to end with two goals to add to five clearances. Handy. 7
11 NM Nobody could question his wholehearted commitment and work ethic against odds. 7
12 GCS Solid first half but stood tall in final term when team needed its skipper the most. Influential. 7
14 Bris Brisbane tried to rough him up, but worked hard to break free and play meaningful role. 7
15 Port Couldn’t break the shackles of Kane Mitchell. 4
16 WB Huge game. Six clearances, seven inside-50s and five tackles. 8
17 Ess 14 first-term touches despite coming off with blood rule and a constant force. 8
18 Haw One goal and five inside-50s but he not a huge influence on flow of game. 5
19 GWS Busy early then failed to get his hands on the ball. 5
20 Coll Great game. Defensive pressure first class and had eight clearances. 8
21 Geel Skipper was well held by S. Selwood. Three effective disposals in final term. 5
22 StK Struggled to impact the flow of game despite good numbers. Four clearances. 6
23 Syd Showed a lot of fight in second half after quiet start. Booted three last-quarter goals. 7

2015 Season

1 Carl Looked short of a gallop and Carrazzo blocked his impact. 5
2 WB Bounced back from a quite opener to have 34 touches. Battled hard. 7
3 Bris Unstoppable! Had no fewer than three opponents. 9
4 Melb Vince was his shadow and ultimately his master on the night. Needs to lift. 5
5 Geel Tried guts out after a quiet first half. Only two inside-50s and six clearances. 7
6 NM Missed targets and not enough impact forward of centre. 4
7 Coll Rose to the occasions to be best afield. In everything and hit scoreboard. 9
8 Port As glad as anyone that Kane Cornes is retiring. 5
9 Ess Not huge numbers but impacted the game at crucial times. 7
10 Frem All-important match-up on Fyfe from start. Many important touches. 8
12 WCE No influence in first term and not allowed to dictate at any stage. 5
13 Syd Took time to work into game but second half immense. 7
14 GWS Huge effort highlighted by six clearances, two goals and five inside-50s. 8
15 Carl Dug in hard when required and ended with five inside-50s, two goals. 7
16 StK Defied St Kilda’s close attention to be effective in midfield. 7
17 Frem Went head to head with Fyfe for long periods and was solid without starring. 6
18 Haw Matched with Lewis at start. Made a point of aggressive approach. 7
19 Adel Started well but struggled to maintain high intensity for four quarters. 6
20 GCS Despite Lonergan tag he was still a factor winning team high 14 CPs. 7
21 Coll Greenwood shut him down for most of the day. One clearance, zero inside-50s. 3
22   Back.  
23 NM Worked well in midfield. 7
EF NM Completely blanketed by Jacobs and couldn’t get into it. 3

2014 Season

1 GCS Did everything in his power to drag Tigers over the line. Super start to the season. 8
2 Carl Created plenty of space in first half, but his second hour was quieter. 7
3 WB Closely shadowed but kept them afloat while others floundered. 8
4 Coll Couldn’t shake Macaffer tag and became frustrated. One to learn from. 3
5 Bris Easier to win the ball against young Robertson but lacked usual pinpoint delivery. 7
6 Haw Not as damaging as possible. Quietened completely in second half by Langford. 6
7 Geel Shadowed by Guthrie but still found a way. Great goal in final term a highlight. 7
9 Melb Had a crack. Won 26 possessions and his run in the final term was inspirational. 7
10 GWS Didn’t touch the ball until the second term, which was remarkable. Got into stride from there. 6
11 Ess Five clearances but just two inside-50s; efficiency well down. 6
12 NM Kept from being dangerous by Greenwood. Kept trying but impact limited. 6
13 Frem If you judge by stats alone he was OK but impact limited. Only two inside-50s. 5
14 Syd K.Jack picked him up, but he was in everything in the first half. Bird subdued him late. 6
15 StK Started brilliantly with three goals and ended with five. Reined in slightly but showed the way. 8
16 Bris Won hard ball, used it well and was always a factor for his team. 8
17 Port Used up forward early before being thrust into midfield. Driving force after quarter time. 7
18 WCE Hutchings had job on him. Brilliant goal to start third term put a gap on Eagles. 6
19 GWS Worked into the game despite close attention. Influential when it mattered. 7
20 Ess Didn’t star but a presence around the ball. Five inside-50s and a goal 7
21 Adel Did everything, laid tackles, pushed forward for a goal and won the footy in tight. 8
22 StK Did some class things, but was generally subdued by close checking. 5
23 Syd The skipper was battered and bruised, but refused to yield in a courageous effort. 7
EF Port Will be disappointed with his performance vs Cornes. Frustrated late in game. 4

2013 Season

1 Carl 16 contested possessions, seven clearances, six inside-50s and three score assists. 9
2 StK Jones was his shadow. Effectiveness down but a key with 22 disp after half time . 7
3 WB Got revenge on Lower after beaten in NAB Challenge. Influential from the start. 8
4 Coll Won a lot of footy but often under pressure and didn’t hurt Magpies. 6
5 Frem 13 cont poss, seven clearances, four inside-50s, four tackles another good night. 8
6 Geel Off night for the skipper. Was he hampered by previous week’s knee injury? 5
7   Knee.  
8 Melb Disposal efficiency down a little but work-rate still first class. 6
9 Ess Started brightly but struggled to find space. Ran the game out OK. 6
10 WCE S.Selwood tag nullified his effectiveness but still won team high cont poss (14). 6
12 Adel Still off his best but a factor at times. No inside-50s a telling stat. 6
13 WB Went head to head with Boyd and had a rare quiet night. Great goal late. 5
14 StK Jones tracked him and couldn’t blunt his potency. 7
15 NM Big first term but barely sighted in second when North made its move. Battled on. 5
16 GCS Went head to head with O’Meara and took points despite being scrappy by foot. 6
17 Frem Stood up like a good captain should. Six clearances and six tackles to go with big stats. 8
18 Syd Won a lot of the ball but his usage was below normal level. 7
19 Haw Racked up 18 contested possessions, nine clearances and nine tackles. 8
20 Bris Refused to be tagged out of game and only needed to convert for a stellar game. 8
21 Carl Had a day to forget and was well held by the close checking Curnow. 4
22 GWS Well tagged by Treloar and was subbed off in the third term. 4
23 Ess Big first term helped set up the win. Opposed to Watson and took the points. 7
EF Carl Curnow did his best to tag him and able to least nullify him in last 45 minutes. 6

2012 Season

1 Carl Tigers’ best and had better of Judd in head to heads first half. 8
2 Coll Fine game but overshadowed early in third term along with others. 6
3 Melb Tagged by McKenzie and quiet first half but lifted after half time; two goals. 6
4 Geel Tagged by T Hunt and while he had 24 touches only 11 hit the target. 5
5 WCE Huge first term (13 disp.) helped set tone. A key player for his team. 8
6 Port Well subdued by Power captain Dom Cassisi. 5
7 Syd Excellent game. Gathered 27 possessions and laid five tackles. 8
8 Ess Strong game for four quarters. Even he got caught in vortex of missed shots. 7
9 Haw Great mark and goal a highlight – four clearances, 11 contested possessions. 7
10 StK Brilliant first half and reined in to some extent only after half time. 7
11 Frem Tried his guts out – nine clearances, four inside-50s, 18 contested possessions. 8
12 GWS Grabbed four clearances, 12 cont poss, 7 inside 50s and a goal. Handy. 7
14 Adel Classy on baller who was everywhere when the Tigers were firing. 7
15 Melb Tagged by McKenzie – only three clearances and two inside-50s but handy. 6
16 GCS Went head to head with Ablett in a possession-fest. 38 touches. 8
17 NM Shadowed by Gibson at times. Did some nice things but has played better. 6
18 Carl Brilliant start. Everything he does has quality and class written all over it. 7
19 Bris Leading contested possession winner on the ground, Tigers top tackler. 8
20 WB Carved a hole through Dogs every time he got it. At his creative best. 9
21 Frem Outstanding game. Led the midfield with 32 disposals. Everywhere. 8
22 Ess Out of it in first term then asserted himself. Kicking for goal was bad. 7
23 Port Tagged by Cassisi. After quiet start was instrumental in lifting team. 8