Age: 29yr 3mth Games: 126 Born: May 31, 2021
Height: 200cm Weight: 99kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Former Tiger has been played mainly in ruck and looked solid. Could become the club’s No. 1 ruck option.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

Played for : Hawthorn

1 Ess Unable to have an impact in attack, or the ruck and will be disappointed with his first showing in new colours. 3
2 Adel Could not get into the game in the ruck or up forward. Only goal was a handball over the top that Granny could have kicked. 1
3 GCS Minimal impact would be a slight overstatement. Had a deadset mare. 1
4   Back.  
5   Back.  
6 VFL Best outing this year with three goals and had a hand in a few other scores. Senior recall a chance.
7 VFL Spent time in the ruck as well as attack. Booted three goals and ruckwork was okay too.
8 VFL Kicked two goals, but wasn’t a star in game against former club. Rucked late and was fair.
9 Coll Couple of early marks and goal then vanished from proceedings. 2
10 Syd Earned a senior reprieve and although he was goalless, competed in the ruck and attack. 5
11 Port Big man again failed to flatter; 11 disposals. Recruitment is sure to come under fire given output. 2
12 VFL Kicked a goal and provided support in ruck to Pittonet. Just fair.
13   Bye.  
14 VFL Booted four goals but was ordinary for long patches. Good final term.
15 VFL Used mostly up forward with small stints in the ruck. Kicked three goals and was solid.
16 VFL Just the three marks and one goal. Wasn’t at his best.
17 VFL Had 50 hitouts as first ruck, kicked two goals and was a presence around the ground.
18 VFL Reasonable day. Took some good marks in the wet but probably should have kicked more than one goal.
19 VFL Contested marking his highlight. Worked hard in forward half to create chances for others. Played with good physicality.
20 VFL Gave a few goals off and booted one himself. Wasn’t a big outing though.
21 VFL No impact at all playing in attack. Struggled.
22 VFL Not aided by delivery and became frustrated. Likely to earn a suspension.
23   Suspended.  

2016 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 Carl Three first-half goals helped keep Richmond in the contest. Good platform to start from. 6
2 Coll Chipped in with two goals but made a poor decision in final term to play on. Momentum changer. 5
3 Adel Got his two goals once again and spent small stints in the ruck. OK. 6
4 WCE Fought against the odds as the ruckman. 4
5 Melb Kicked three goals so from that perspective hard to can him. Only five kicks though. 5
6 Port Smart goal to start second term but copped bronx cheers in third term. Minimal impact. 4
7 Haw Back-to-back goals in second term lifted side, but inexplicably taken off . 5
8 Syd Poked in eye early and missed a few key shots for goal. Not really a factor in attack or ruck. 3
9 Frem Didn’t get near it. 0
10 Ess Chimed in with three goals to keep critics at bay. Handy return in scrappy affair. 6
11 NM At least kicked a couple of goals but ball was at other end most of the night. 3
12 GCS Didn’t touch the ball until deep into second term and only three possessions. Bronx cheered. 1
14 Bris Not a big day but competed hard and was a presence as a tall option in attack. 4
15 Port Out of sorts, needs a big game soon or the VFL will be soon on the cards. 2
16 VFL Goalless, but battled hard in front half and ruck. Needs another week in VFL.
17   Bye.  
18 VFL Kicked two goals and was handy enough in attack.
19 GWS Struggled to make an influence at both ends of the ground. 3
20 Coll Goals in first and second term then went right out of the game after main break. 4
21 Geel Kicked goals in first and final quarters but just three marks, seven kicks. 4
22 VFL Two goals from five touches, but didn’t see the game out.
23 VFL Kicked three goals in what was probably his last game in yellow and black.

2015 Season

Played for : Richmond

3 VFL Some good, some bad. Booted three goals.
4 VFL Booted four goals and looks certain for a senior recall.
5 Geel Muffed a simple mark and then set tone for the day. Hammered by Rivers. 2
6 VFL Kicked three goals in a good battle with Joel Tippett.
7 Coll Stood tall with three goals, including a clutch final-term major after a mark. 6
8 Port Subbed out of the game with a knee injury. 2
9   Knee.  
10 Frem Gave Tigers a target in early blitz. Turned ankle but kept going. 5
12 WCE On smaller Shepherd early. Couple of goals. To defence last term. 5
13 Syd Came to the fore after half time when Tiges needed him. Set benchmark for self. 7
14 GWS One goal in final term his only highlight. Well beaten by Corr. 3
15 Carl Cleaned up Jamison early and worked into game longer it went. 5
16   Suspended.  
17   Suspended.  
18 Haw Not a big factor early. Bewildering late run into goal that came unstuck. 3
19 Adel Had no impact on the game apart from his one goal. 2
20 GCS Ended with four goals from seven kicks, seven marks. Made most of chances. 7
21 Coll Career day with six goals and his post-game celebration was a ripper. 9
22 Ess Two goals in the second term his only highlight of an otherwise quiet game. 4
23 NM Picked up by J. Tippett and hardly seen until three-goal burst at the end. 2
EF NM Two impressive goals but was caught behind a bit when ball came forward. 5

2014 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 GCS Two goals but a passenger for long periods. Needs to stand up. 4
2 Carl Marked well from the start in attack and booted four goals. 7
3 WB Never came to him in first half, as Roughead did well on him. Gave away stupid free. 2
4 Coll Subbed at half time with a quad injury after have zero impact. 1
5 VFL Tough day for talls in the wind at Burbank Oval. Battled.
6 VFL Kicked three goals in an improved showing. Still a way to go through.
7 Geel Hammered by Taylor when caught one-on-one. Kicked a couple of lucky goals. 3
9 Melb Had no impact either as a forward or ruckman. 4
10 GWS Kicked two goals and started with Cameron on him. OK. 6
11 VFL Took 14 marks and spent time in the ruck. One of the best.
12 NM One goal but failed to offer what coaching staff were hoping for inside-50. 3
13   Suspended.  
14   Suspended.  
15 StK Marked OK but game was a mixed bag. Two goals, one was from a soft free. 4
16 Bris Four goals, including two in opening two minutes. Got a little lucky at times. 6
17 Port Rotated between the ruck and up forward and was a handful. Towering mark late. 7
18 WCE Two first-quarter goals were critical. Crude roundhouse on Cox won no friends. 3
19   Suspended.  
20   Suspended.  
21   Suspended.  
22   Suspended.  
23   Senior emergency.  

2013 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 Carl Kicked three goals and dominant until Jamison curbed his influence. 7
2 StK Didn’t play well but still contributed a goal. Subbed out at three-quarter time 3
3 WB Blanketed by Roughead but provided a contest. 4
4 Coll Two first-half goals but apart from that wasn’t in the game at all. 4
5 Frem Had Dawson for company. Two goals in first half and another in last. 6
6 Geel Hardly sighted then night ended after sickening head clash with Johnson. 1
7   Concussion.  
8 Melb Radar was off (0.4) so that proved costly. Stayed involved though. 5
9 Ess Subbed after providing very little. 3
10 WCE Kicked two goals and provided a target when he had to. Handy enough. 6
12 Adel Only seven possessions and four marks not enough. Well beaten by Rutten. 3
13 WB Poor first half but came to life in the third term when playing with aggression. 4
14 StK Took marks in the ruck and around ground. 7
15 NM Started well and looked the most likely of the Tiger talls but then had no impact. 3
16 GCS Rotated between forward line and ruck. Goalless but took a few good marks. 5
17 Frem Spent short periods in the ruck, but used mostly forward. Didn’t have a great impact. 4
18 Syd Did a few things but not enough on Grundy. Sent down back briefly. KO’d late. 3
19   Concussion.  
20 Bris Did his job as back-up for Maric and found opportunities up forward. 7
21 Carl Kicked three and was a constant threat in the forward half and around the ground. 7
22 GWS Gave Davis trouble up forward with his height and aggressiveness. Ended with 2.3. 7
23 Ess Slow start but came to the fore once Carlisle was hobbled, then off. Four goals. 7
EF Carl Two first-half goals then shut out of the game by Henderson. 5

2012 Season

Played for : Richmond

1 Carl Couldn’t get as many contests as he should. Dropped vital mark. 2
2 Coll Couldn’t get involved and confidence looks to have sunk. 2
3 Melb Struggles continue. Only five disposals and then subbed off. 1
4 Geel Kicked an early goal but didn’t go on with it. Poor form continues. 2
5 WCE Great mark and goal in second term, ended with 2.2. Slightly better. 5
6 Port Out of sorts forward subbed off after having no impact on the game. 2
9 Haw Only two marks in a quiet return outing despite side dominating contest. 2
10 StK Found himself matched on Dempster in attack. Chipped in to ruck duels. 4
11 Frem Kicked an early goal but that was about if for him. Well beaten by Dawson. 3