Age: 34yr 4mth Games: 191 Born: Apr 11, 2021
Height: 199cm Weight: 108kg Position: RUC

2016 Digest:   One player who causes frustration for coach Luke Beveridge. Dominated at VFL level but couldn’t replicate that form regularly at AFL level until he stepped up in the elimination final with a performance that reminded everyone of his talents. Contracted until the end of this year.

2016 NAB Cup:   Played opening two matches but facing a race to be right for opener as he recovers from a hamstring strain.

2016 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1   Hamstring.  
2   Hamstring.  
3 VFL Did some bullocking work but certainly didn’t star. Two goals from limited disposals.
4 VFL Battled Maric/Soldo combination and had his struggles. Contributed one goal.
5 VFL Battled hard in the ruck and snuck into the team’s best. Better effort.
6 VFL Battled hard in the ruck. Is ready to go now if coach decides to activate him.
7 VFL Did his bit against Stephenson but not sure he gets back into the senior side.
8 VFL 57 hit-outs, four tackles and 13 disposals. Unlikely to unseat Campbell.
9 VFL 11 clearances to go with 22 touches. Keeping name in front of selectors.
10 VFL Bye.
11 VFL Veteran ruckman tried hard but didn’t influence the game to any great degree.
12 VFL Workrate huge. Laid six tackles and won 28 hit-outs. Ready if needed.
13 VFL 55 hit-outs and 10 tackles but not hugely damaging around the contest.
14   Bye.  
15 Syd Team erupted when popular big man goaled in first game for ages. Adds something. 5
16 VFL Battled Maric – 30 hit-outs, six clearances and kicked 2.2.
17 VFL 43 hit-outs and nine tackles and chipped in with two vital goals.
18 VFL 41 hit-outs, six clearances and four tackles. Played ruck role OK.
19 VFL Six clearances and nine tackles to go with 37 hit-outs. Gave his all.
20 VFL Had 30 hit-outs, six clearances, six inside-50s and five tackles.
21 VFL Bye.
22 VFL Veteran took nine marks, had five inside-50s and grabbed 26 disposals.
23 Frem Couldn’t stop Sandilands in the ruck. But that was always going to be a challenge. 5
EF VFL Fair in ruck duel with Jamar – 24 hitouts, but offered little around ground.
SF   Not as good as he has been but 17 hit-outs and five inside-50s. Handy.  
PF VFL 32 hit-outs and eight tackles. Didn’t offer a lot around ground but did job.

2015 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 WCE Great battle against Lycett/Naitanui. Nine hit-outs to ad, seven clearances. 7
2 Rich Limited disposals but able to match Maric and keep him subdued. 5
3 Haw Toiled hard but outnumbered and lacked ruck support. 5
4 VFL Not at his best in the ruck opposed to Gawn.
5 VFL Slow start but came to the fore after half time in ruck.
6 VFL Bye.
7 VFL Beaten by Simpson in the ruck despite Dogs’ dominace.
8 VFL Started forward then sent off for contact with umpire.
9 GWS Teamed with Roughead to have upper hand against Mumford. Must inclusion. 5
10 Port Great battle with Lobbe, won 41 hit-outs and nine clearances. 7
12 Bris Started in attack but little impact and subbed off in third term. 3
13 StK Subbed off at three-quarter time after lowering colours. 3
14 Carl Took over ruck duties when Roughead went off. Controlled game in middle. 6
15 GCS Contrasting styles against athletic Nicholls in an even ruck duel. 6
16   Shoulder.  
17 VFL 15 touches, 29 hitouts and a goal. Solid but not enough.
18   Suspended.  
19 VFL 32 hitouts and 10 touches. Not his best outing.
20 VFL 24 hitouts, 10 possessions and a goal. Just fair.
21 VFL Kicked three goals in intriguing battle with Pears.
22 VFL Great duel with Daw and Currie in ruck. Mighty effort.
23 VFL Got hands on ball first – 44 hitouts, but Hawks won battle.
EF Adel Strong and energetic in ruck and well worth his inclusion. 6

2014 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 WCE Battled Eagle trio manfully but overwhelmed for the most part. 3
2 NM Won 43 tap outs at centre bounces and around ground. Just two marks. 5
3 Rich On top in ruck duels against Stephenson. Got the points. 7
4 GWS Beaten by Giles for three quarters but got on top late when Dogs needed it. 6
5 Carl Lowered colours to Warnock in first half but fought back. 5
6 Adel Got the better of the ruck duels but didn’t do a great deal at ground level. 5
7 Ess Won the hit outs but neither ruckman did much except for that. 5
8 Melb Nine hit-outs to advantage but may have lowered colours to Jamar. 5
10 GCS Dominated Smith in the hitouts and threw his weight around at times. 6
11 Frem Great effort against the might of Sandilands. Helped the Dogs win the ball. 6
12 Bris Started off in superb fashion, but Martin slowly got the upper hand. 5
13 Coll Dominated the hit outs to help the Dogs to control the clearances. 7
14 Port Beaten by Lobbe in the ruck and around the ground. 6
15 Melb Double-teamed by Jamar and Gawn. Was beaten but still had a presence. 6
16 Geel Battled McIntosh and probably just shaded in that battle. 4
17 GCS Went solo in the ruck and got the better of Smith and Dixon. 7
18 Ess Great battle against Ryder. Seven hit-outs to advantage and five inside-50s. 6
19 Haw Honest display in ruck against McEvoy and Hale but outnumbered. 6
20 StK Had upper hand over Longer but not a big factor around ground. 5
21 NM OK in ruck contests but not enough impact in general play. 3
22 VFL Double-teamed by Tigers but got plenty of ball around ground.
23 GWS Back in team and battled hard against Mumford. Just shaded on the night. 6

2013 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 Bris Good contest in ruck with young Longer, but did much more around ground. 5
2 Frem Battled hard but lowered his colours to Griffen who was a force. 6
3 Rich Beaten in the ruck by Maric and lacked the intensity he has shown in first two weeks. 3
4 Adel Fantastic in the ruck, virtually a lone hand winning 48 hit outs. 7
5 Geel 16 hit-outs to advantage made him clear winner around stoppages. OK. 5
6 WCE Had 38 taps but outnumbered by Cox, Sinclair then Naitanui. 5
7 NM Toiled hard in ruck all game and kicked brilliant goal from throw-in. 7
8 GCS Dominated the hit-outs but needed to impact more around the ground. 4
9 StK Dominated ruck taps and chimed in around the ground. 7
10 Port Continued his outstanding season in the ruck with a mammoth 57 hit-outs. 9
12 Coll Slight edge in taps over Jolly early. Solid effort. 6
13 Rich Had the better of Maric at the stoppages but the Tiger was influential around ground. 6
14 Melb Took charge in ruck as Bulldogs finished powerfully. Second to Griffen in B&F. 6
15 GWS The dominant ruckman on the ground. 7
16 Ess Beaten by Ryder/Bellchambers but to his credit never gave up the fight. 6
17 Haw Managed his quota of 30 hit-outs to give mids first use, didn’t do much else. 5
18 WCE Seven hit-outs to advantage and he actually got on top the longer game went 7
19 Syd Found a bit of the ball around the ground but hard going. 5
20 Carl Warnock had his measure in the ruck, but constantly got involved at ground level. 5
21 Adel Beaten in second and third terms but helped wrest back control in final quarter. 6
22 Bris Struggled early vs Leuenberger but came into game after half time to be pivotal. 7
23 Melb Tower of strength at centre bounces and around ground with 48 hit-outs. 7

2012 Season

Played for : Western Bulldogs

1 WCE Worked super hard for 20 possessions and couldn’t question his effort. 5
2 Adel Held his own against Sam Jacobs in the ruck with 19 hit-outs. 5
3 StK Strong effort in ruck and was good around the ground. 7
4 Melb Hard worker in ruck. 6
5 GWS Dominant big man on the ground in the first half. 6
6 Coll Broke even with Wood in hit-outs but better around the ground. 6
7 NM Had 34 hit outs and nine to advantage to help his midfield dominate. 6
8 GCS Won the ruck duel and seems to be relishing the responsibility. 6
9 Geel Battled hard and did some good things but could have used the ball better. 5
10 Syd Got his hands on ball with 48 hitouts, but still found it tough to help his side. 4
12 Port Workrate first class and clearly best big man on ground. Did fumble at times. 6
14 Ess Gave a lion-hearted display in the ruck and never conceded an inch. 6
15 Frem Had a real crack. Took strong marks and rucked well. 7
16 Haw Struggled big time after appearing to injure a leg in the opening term. 3
17 Carl Dominated hit outs, but plenty landed in the laps of opposition players. 7
18 StK Rucked well in first half but less influential in second half as Saints got on top. 6
19 NM Battled hard but had no support at ground level negated his influence. 5
20 Rich Struggled to match Maric in the ruck and did zilch around the ground. 3
21 Syd Had 10 hit outs to advantage and tried hard but lacked support. 5
22 Geel Had 11 hit-outs to advantage and helped team establish stoppage supremacy. 6
23 Bris Won the ruck duel and broke even around the ground with Hudson. 6