#31   West Coast

Age: 30yr 10mth Games: 165 Born: Jan 24, 2021
Height: 196cm Weight: 92kg Position:

2017 Digest:   The ex-Geelong Falcon flies under the radar but he has proven himself to be vital the structure. Hobbled off against GWS.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1   Senior emergency.  
2 WAFL Steady game in the back half with 18 touches and even pushed forward for a rare goal.
3 WAFL Struggled at times to keep up with Claremont opponents. 18 touches, but not his best outing.
4 Syd Late inclusion for Darling and wasn’t really a factor. 3
5 Haw No impact in defence. A trip back to East Perth a real possibility. 3
6 WAFL One of the Royals best in the back half. Helped keep the Thunder forwards mostly quiet.
7 WAFL Bye.
8 WAFL Played his part down back, but didn’t have a great deal to do as East Freo were poor.
9 WAFL Another who improved after half time. 18 possessions across half back.
10 GWS Performed well. Won contests and held firm. 6
11 GCS Intriguing battle with Wright. Managed to drift forward and boot a goal. 5
12   Bye.  
13 Geel Defended stoutly all night and pushed up the ground to get involved on the odd occasion. Steady without starring. 5
14 Melb Reported during the game. Had six touches in defence. 4
15   Hip.  
16   Hip.  
17 Frem Solid under pressure in the back line. Part of a group that conceded only five goals. 5
18 Coll Played on the smalls (Elliott and Fasolo). Probably halved that battle. Two late frees against were costly. 5
19 Bris Smashed by an early tackle. Kept Schache in check. 5
20 StK No great impact. 2
21 WAFL Did his bit down back without much fuss.
22 WAFL Defended well and pushed forward for a couple of key majors.
23 WAFL Okay without being a standout in the back half.
EF   Senior emergency.  
SF   Senior emergency.  

2016 Season

1 Bris Stuck to defending. Took off for a run late. 4
2 Haw Couldn’t contain Sicily and had next to no impact rebounding from defence. 1
3 Frem Took off for an old-school run once. The rest of the time he stayed back. 4
4 Rich Solid defensive job. Stuck to his task. 5
5 Syd Shared minding duties on Buddy and Tippett. Tried hard but shaded. 4
6 Coll Not a big game. Stuck to his task. 4
7 Geel Had Hawkins at times but no match. One kick for the game tells a story. 3
8 StK Not noticeable but did keep Bruce to just nine touches. 5
9 Port Played as the plus-one but couldn’t get into the game. 4
10 GCS His scraps with Lynch at the end kept the game entertaining. 4
11 WB Had Redpath at times and apart from a few brief moments he did OK. 5
12 Adel Made too many errors. 3
13 Bris Besides keeping Schache in check, he also never got much of the ball. 4
15 Ess Good job against taller forwards. Found the footy too. 6
16 NM Didn’t give Petrie any space. Did well. 6
17 Carl Worked up the field to get a kick and scored a rare goal. Played his part. 5
18   Soreness.  
19 Coll Had Moore then Cloke amongst others and had hands full. Not his day. 4
20 Frem Gave little away when the ball went into Freo’s forward line. 5
21 GWS Gave away a few frees but ended up keeping Cameron to just one goal. Tick. 6
22 Haw Played tight on the Hawthorn tall forwards. 5
23 Adel Took the points against Walker. 7
EF WB Under siege down back and didn’t cover himself in glory. Quiet. 3

2015 Season

1 WAFL Struggled to find much ball and then copped heavy hit late.
2 Carl Used as a key back and helped by fact midfield was on top. 5
3 Frem Beaten by Taberner but didn’t throw in the towel. Just undersized. 4
4 Bris Just seven disposals was a bit light on. 4
5 GWS Dominated Cameron. 7
6 Port Took on the in-form Schulz and won the battle. 6
7 GCS Another quality defensive game. He’s in good form. 6
8 StK Had a good contest with Bruce and could be satisfied with his effort. 5
9 Geel Had Hawkins who did him a couple of times but still a good player. 5
10 NM Took Petrie when he was playing forward and did some good things. 5
11 Ess Never had a problem with Essendon’s tall forwards. 7
12 Rich Started on Riewoldt. Injured glute later in night and left ground. 5
14 Melb Opposed to Hogan and kept him to one goal and provided drive. 6
15 Adel Lost control of Jenkins a few times. Jenkins kicked two and set up others. 4
16 Coll Staunch game in defence. 6
17 Syd Didn’t really have a match up and subbed out after half time. 3
18 GCS Great job on Dixon to limit his influence. 7
19 Haw Fantastic defensive effort and attacked when he got the chance. 7
20 Frem Subbed out with injury after playing well. 6
21   Hamstring.  
22   Hamstring.  
23   Hamstring.  
QF Haw Did a number on Frawley in first half. Subbed out late as a precaution. 5
PF NM Patrolled the back half and got better longer the game wore on. 5
GF Haw Had Schoenmakers and found the going tough all day. Battled hard. 5

2014 Season

1 WAFL 18 touches mostly from defence but spent time on the wing.
2 WAFL 16 touches mostly from defence but was reported.
3 StK Late inclusion as sub and was on ground quickly when Le Cras went down. Useful. 4
4 Geel At least took game on for seven rebound 50s. Efficiency not quite up to scratch. 4
5   Senior emergency.  
6 Carl Switched between all out defence and then attack when he got the footy. 5
7 Frem Did plenty after been subbed on for last quarter, even took 4 bounces. 6
8 WAFL Solid game in defence with 14 possessions.
9 WAFL Bye.
10 WAFL Bye.
11 NM Tried hard all the way and battled it out. 4
12 Haw Gave away crucial free kicks. They were costly too. 3
13 GCS On Lynch and kept at task, but conceded three goals. 4
14 StK Matched on Lee and did OK. 5
15 Frem Stepped up down back and gave good drive also from the back half. 6
16 Syd Found Goodes a bit too smart at times and had his hands full. 4
17 Bris Kept Merrett in check for most of the night. Job done! 7
18 Rich Matched to Vickery who kicked two early goals then had better of match-up. 6
19 Adel Played on Jenkins and both served their teams well. 5
20 Coll Reid caused him very few problems and was able to run off at times. 6
21 Ess Had a variety of roles down back and was unobtrusive. 4
22 Melb Stood Dawes at half back and played a good close-checking role. 5
23 GCS Went to Martin late but found him slippery. Battled away without incident. 4

2013 Season

1 Frem Beaten by Mayne, but did give some good run from defence. 4
2 Haw Lowered colours to Roughead and never in it. 2
3 Melb Had his colours lowered to Sylvia early and failed to provide his usual run. 4
4 Carl Provided some run and rebound from the back half while tracking Garlett. OK. 5
5   Senior emergency.  
6 WB Late inclusion took Waters’ place. Given task on young Macrae and was OK. 5
7 Bris Played on talls and smalls. Did pretty well but isn’t finding the footy much. 5
8 NM Had the job on Daw and kept him quiet but did nothing offensively. Injured shoulder too. 4
9   Finger.  
10   Finger.  
11   Finger.  
12 WAFL Just 10 possessions on return for East Perth.
13 WAFL Second game back and another 10 disposals for East Perth.
14 Ess Started in attack but hurt knee before half time. 2
15 Adel Scored one of the goals of the game running almost 70 metres before kicking truly. 5
16 Frem Played a role as a hard-working forward and did his bit despite heavy knock. 6
17 Syd Tried to run with the ball on occasions but made lots of basic errors. 4
18 WB Couple of dashing runs were a highlight of an even if not unspectacular game. 5
19 GCS Mostly used in attack and showed flexibility. 6
20 Ess Pushed forward to kick an important goal but was scrappy by foot. 4
21 Geel Used forward and kicked a goal. Certainly not the worst. 5
22 Coll Hardly sighted. Not playing anywhere near capabilities. 3
23   Cheekbone.  

2012 Season

1 WB Gave great run from half back and helped up the ground when he could. 6
2 Melb Had some key attacking moments out of defence. 6
3 GWS Keeps getting better as a player. Another nice outing. 6
4 Haw Courageous effort playing after his dad passed away. Did his job. 6
5 Rich Battled Riewoldt and did a reasonably good job all day. 6
8 StK Kicked a goal and defended well too. 5
9 Frem Booted the goal of the day which launched West Coast’s second half. 6
10 Bris Never really got into the game. 4
12 Carl Got out on his own and effective at both ends of the field. 7
15 NM Did some good things, but sometimes slow off the mark. 5
16 Syd Played forward and back. Lively early. 5
17 Adel One great contested mark in the forward half but failed to convert. 5
18 Bris A good first half where he set up play. Didn’t have much to do later on. 5
19 Frem The Eagles missed his usual run from the backline. 4
20 Geel No great influence as a defender. Didn’t have match-up after Hawkins injury. 4
21 Port Played his role down back with a minimum of fuss. 5
22 Coll Gave little away in defence. The backline performed as a team. 6
23 Haw Ran his guts out. Good defensively when on Buddy and kicked 2 goals. 7
EF NM Numbers down but did what he had to despite heavy knock in second term. 4
SF Coll On Dawes at start. Took huge run in third term but muffed kick. Solid game. 6