#12   Western Bulldogs

Age: 23yr 1mth Games: 30 Born: Oct 27, 2020
Height: 193cm Weight: 90kg Position:

2017 Digest:   Played as a makeshift centre half forward in back half of 2016 but will return to his more customary role in defence.

2017 NAB Cup:  

2017 Season

1 Coll Little influence with Cloke as the main target. 3
2 Syd Deployed in defence where he was steady but not spectacular. Becoming a workmanlike player. 4
3 Frem Needs to do more. Only 10 touches and four marks. 4
4 NM Defensively did a few things including one great tackle that caused a goal. Offensively was relatively quiet. 4
5 Bris Defended his man well and came up to spoil when it was his turn. All 13 of his disposals hit the target. 6
6 GWS Took Patton/Cameron for long periods and did his job reasonably well without starring. Dour style of player. 4
7 Rich In plenty of hot water matched on Riewoldt early and moved away. 2
8 WCE Had a crack in defence and rucked at times. 5
9 VFL Up and down outing. Used the ball well enough, but didn’t always back himself.
10 VFL Did well in the back half and floating through middle to drive the ball forward.
11   Bye.  
12 VFL Used at both ends of the ground and helped swing the game the Dogs way when forwrad.
13 Melb Certainly not the worst Doggie out there; 22 disposals and worked hard to defend while under siege. 5
14 NM Got the job on Mason Wood and others. Good, steady effort highlighted by good positioning defensively. Injured late. 5
15 WCE Big task on McGovern/Petrie and defended stoutly. Solid game at full back. 6
16 Adel Given the run around by Mitch McGovern and then switched to the inform Josh Jenkins and couldn’t stop him either. 4
17 Carl Had Curnow at times in a good battle. Did his job without getting fans too aroused. 5
18 GCS Held Lynch well when the Sun was forward – he spent time behind the ball too. Good effort. 6
19 Ess Young defender struggle early then won a few key one-on-ones in final term opposed to Daniher. 5
20 Bris Tailed Hipwood and was forced to work further up the ground with the Lion chasing kicks. 5
21 GWS Had to switch from Lobb to Patton and was able to keep him goalless which was a solid effort. 5
22 Port Big job on Dixon and struggled with his size and strength. 3
23 Haw Had all sorts of trouble with Roughead (five goals) and moved off him at times. Looked better on smaller opponents. 3

2016 Season

1   Played in VFL trial against Essendon.  
2   Played in VFL trial against Werribee.  
3 VFL Couldn’t get into the game and was never a factor in influencing the flow.
4 VFL Worked hard and his moments without getting too carried away.
5 VFL Handy effort without getting too carried away. Went missing for periods.
6 VFL Among the best playing half back role for most of the day. Developing well.
7 VFL Highlight of his game was seven tackles and pressure around the ball.
8   Didn’t play for Footscray.  
9   Ankle.  
10 VFL Bye.
11   Ankle.  
12 VFL Nothing startling but contributed to the win. Five marks, one contested.
13 VFL Quiet one in terms of possessions but did offer something to the cause.
14 VFL Bye.
15 VFL Hardly sighted. Made the most of what he did but not enough to impact game.
16 VFL Defensively stout but another who just didn’t influence game going the other way.
17 VFL Pretty quiet day. Just struggling in recent weeks to find the footy to impact.
18   Didn’t play for Footscray.  
19 Geel One goal and used at both ends as coach mixed things up. Good experience. 4
20 NM No impact in attack until good goal in third term. 3
21 Coll Wonky kick brought early goal and also booted another. 4
22 Ess Terrible shot at goal hit man on mark early. Went to defence late. 4
23 Frem Struggled to get involved. Only nine touches and three marks. 3
EF WCE Assigned to limit McGovern’s influence as defensive forward. Low stats, big contribution. 7
SF Haw Started on Birchall. Did a few things but not big impact. 3
PF GWS On Tomlinson. Still has rough edges but his two goals were handy. 4
GF Syd Broke through for first goal and played defensive forward role well after shaky start. 5

2015 Season

1   Shoulder.  
2   Shoulder.  
3   Shoulder.  
4   Shoulder.  
5   Shoulder.  
6   Shoulder.  
7 VFL Took some nice marks down back to cut off Cat attacks.
8 VFL Solid down back but didn’t have to do a lot.
9 VFL Did some good things and competed hard.
10   Thumb.  
11   Thumb.  
12   Thumb.  
13   Thumb.  
14   Thumb.  
15   Quiet on return from injury.  
16 VFL Defended fairly well and looks a nice type.
17 VFL OK down back and showed a bit throughout.
18 VFL OK down back and looks a nice player in the making.
19 VFL Did well down back in most of his one-on-ones.
20 VFL OK down back with 15 touches.
21 VFL Did some good things in defence.
22 NM First gamer started as sub and came on at three-quarter time. 1
23 Bris Not much influence (seven disposals) and spent time on Green. 4
EF VFL Battled hard but beaten in defence.